These are the 25 early-stage startups that are digitizing Latin America

No one can deny that this has been a GREAT year for Latin American startups ! According to the Latin American Venture Capital & Private Capital Association (LAVCA), only in the first half of the year 6.2 billion dollars were invested in emerging companies in the region.

In 2020 all industries suffered a severe recession, all except the technology industry. Latin American entrepreneurial talent is already drawing the attention of the global investment community. Startups are the engine of digital transformation in the region. Funds and Investor Angels from the United States, Europe and Asia are betting on our entrepreneurs.

Given this, the online school of technology Platzi selected 25 startups to start its program for digital companies with high growth potential. For six weeks, these companies will receive workshops, mentoring, live classes and various sessions with leaders of the most successful startups in Latin America. During that time all teams have their own growth goal to achieve.

“We received applications from more than 25 countries. New trends that we noticed were the boom in companies created with no-code tools, the arrival of projects working with Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFT ) and a growth in solutions for the agricultural industry”, says Juliane Butty, director of Platzi Startups .

All startups will be preparing and competing to receive investment. On September 14, the best startups in the program will be presented in front of more than 100 investors in a virtual demoday. The winning startup will win a trip to Silicon Valley and $ 50,000 in investment from CodeStream , company owned by serial entrepreneur Claudio Pinkus.

The 25 early-stage startups that are digitizing Latin America

  1. 1627503418 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.16.26 Rebill is a platform that allows you to manage recurring billings and subscriptions for SMEs easily and quickly.
  2. 1627503510 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.17.52 Afinidata is an application that uses artificial intelligence to equip parents with simple activities that help in the cognitive development of their babies.
  3. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Vivvidero is a proptech that sells remodeled homes with different interior design options. It allows buyers to choose a design before it is bought and rebuilt.
  4. 1627503418 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.16.26 Flevo is a fintech that offers lower-middle-income individuals the ability to pay for programming courses or bootcamps through installment payment options, deferred tuition, and income-sharing agreements.
  5. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Porter Metrics connects applications and platforms to automate the generation of marketing data and reports in Google Data Studio.
  6. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 CreditO is a fintech that, through an app, allows people to access microcredits at a low rate and flexible terms in less than 24 hours.
  7. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Smileful is a marketplace that connects patients in Latin America with orthodontists in person and virtually to facilitate access to invisible orthodontics with Smileful aligners.
  8. 1627503640 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.19.55 Smart Soil PY helps reduce the number of fungicide applications used in crops through early detection of diseases, allowing the producer to save money and reduce the chemical load in the environment.
  9. 1627503653 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.20.02 Munily digitizes the residential experience saving residents time and money while building safer and more connected communities.
  10. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Juzto is an online solution that allows people to claim their rights without the common hassles of working with attorneys. Offer from micro-claims to legal documents.
  11. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Sosty is a collaborative livestock platform that connects consumers with farmers to raise sustainable livestock together.
  12. 1627503665 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.20.18 Crecy converts a debit card to a credit card in less than 10 minutes. It offers a reloadable line of credit with low interest rates, no annuity, fixed and transparent commission.
  13. 1627503665 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.20.18 iVentas is a platform that helps SMEs to automate business decision making based on the data they generate in order to facilitate their expansion process. They achieve this through a powerful panel that allows you to receive conversations in real time to interact immediately with your customers.
  14. 1627503722 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.21.33 SOS Agro Corporation provides technological solutions for the agricultural sector such as satellite monitoring of crops and pastures. They measure more than 11 agronomic variables such as soil moisture, areas with pests, water stress in plants, areas with higher productivity, altimetry, among others.
  15. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Cargger is a logistics marketplace that connects carriers with people looking to send cargo, packages and moves through a web and mobile application.
  16. 1627503739 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.21.37 Workifit is a platform that is transforming the way of connecting technology companies with digital talents through the incorporation of marketing tools and artificial intelligence in talent attraction processes.
  17. 1627503665 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.20.18 Fonogram helps professional and amateur content creators to monetize their work by facilitating the creation of podcasts, audio courses, audiobooks, and voice events.
  18. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Ploosi helps companies and professionals expand their business management capabilities to save time, increase productivity, and gain insights to improve their business.
  19. 1627503768 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.21.46 Orpheus is an all-in-one platform to help real estate owners and managers make their buildings more sustainable, comfortable and healthy for their users.
  20. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Candy Flip Records is a decentralized record label that is giving power back to artists in the music industry. It allows them to have access to res and services, using smart contracts, NFT and digital marketing tools.
  21. 1627503783 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.21.51 Krypto Ledger aims to be the first service in Latin America that allows to calculate the profits in cryptocurrencies in an easy and understandable way both for those who bought Bitcoin a couple of times, and for the advanced trader with thousands of transactions.
  22. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Atrianna replaces traditional market research with machine learning algorithms that help companies analyze, improve and predict the performance of different brand assets such as logo, ads, digital interfaces, etc; as well as understanding the reasons behind consumer decisions.
  23. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Horizon allows you to automate your business finances through Google Sheets. Generate financial reports by combining your data from various s such as business bank accounts, accounting, or internal systems.
  24. 1627503528 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.18.05 Worki is a platform that enables people to find employment faster and easier with the best companies.
  25. 1627503665 Capturadepantalla2021 07 28alas15.20.18 Get Wonder is a HealthTech that wants to improve the quality of life and productivity of work teams through wellness and data analysis.

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