Tips to analyze your marketing quickly

Tips to analyse your marketing quickly

A business, especially today, needs a strong and strategic marketing base to grow. However the term marketing sounds easy whereas it is quite a hard task to implement a practical yet budget marketing strategy that will lead to a steady growth of the business.

marketing quicklyMarketers today have become more vigilant and advanced while making a marketing strategy. As the time flies it becomes harder to analyse marketing tricks that keep changing with the changing market trends. Here are some of tips which will help you to analyse your marketing quickly as well as help you to develop marketing goals for next year.

  1. Analyse previous year trends

As mentioned that market trend keeps changing with time. Your previous year strategies will not work this year. Before setting up this year’s marketing goals and trends you need to analyse previous year’s drifts that worked. Analyse thoroughly about the sales, marketing and the revenue you have managed to earn through marketing. Before heading towards new marketing analysis you need to have the full knowledge of previous year’s performance.

  1. Goal of next year

The next step will be to set up a revenue and marketing goals for next financial year. The goal comprises of every possible plan that makes your business grow and engage more of customers than expected. Also make sure that your customers must know about your desired plans and goals. Publish your next financial year’s plans on your website and let people know what is in your kitty for them.

  1. Set a business strategy

It is the most important thing that you must set before you analyse your marketing plans. Business strategy or marketing strategy consists of several points.

  • Competitors: know about your competitors and their strategies. Their goals and expected steps towards your industry sales.
  • Share: when you are competing with other firms you need to know the market share they have. If they have more than you then you need to work more.
  • Campaign and promotion: opt for relevant topics, trends, engaged campaigning for your business. Concentrate on quality of contents.
  • Medium of marketing: pick up a channel from where you can earn more traffic to your website and deliver your contents.
  • Price: set up your price, offers, discounts and other facilities to target the customers.
  1. Set a budget

Before you step into your marketing plans, you need to know about the budget you have for it. It is obvious that you cannot spend all your money on your marketing. It is better to set your marketing budget before you start anything. Calculate your advertisement cost per lead and set your budget accordingly.

  1. Digital presence

Compare your digital presence with your competitors. It is mandatory to be visible on a regular basis on digital platform to achieve a sharp growth. In this competitive age, your website needs to be quick loader, mobile friendly and with an attractive landing page. Also you must take care of the social linkage of your website and how frequent your website is visible to others.

  1. Targeted customers

In marketing it is necessary to stick to the relevant topic. When you are delivering your contents be sure to offer relevant and engaging piece of writing. Sometimes of course people beyond your targeted customers attract to your website just by reading a customer engaging content. So when you are targeting a group of customer you need to be alert while developing the contents.

  1. Social media platforms

There are a bunch of platforms of social media channels where you can campaign for your business. You can with them and utilise the platform as an effective marketing tool. Things that are must be considered while using social media channel are frequency, time, posting, contents, responses (Comments, following and shares) and many more.

  1. Content marketing and SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation – the most important part of marketing needs special attention. The biggest tool of SEO is content development. Your contents, as mentioned earlier in this article, must be engaging and to the point. You must not forget that your readers don’t have much time to spend on your illogical contents. So it is important to post relevant contents frequently for content marketing and SEO purpose.

  1. Email and other digital marketing

Send email to all your contacts by saying what your business is offering them and why should they invest their time and money on your business. Sending frequent e-mails, mobile and other devices like Tab and PC friendly versions and engaging contents can shape up your e-mail marketing. Also do keep in track how much traffic you earn from email marketing.

  1. Overall marketing generated revenue

At the end, track and calculate the amount of revenue you earn from your marketing. Once you get the idea of how much you earn from marketing you can analyse your next marketing by comparing the cost and revenue.

Tips – At a glance:

What How
Analyse previous year trends Marketing trends, sales trends, customer revenue trends
Goal of next year Your expected plans and figures for coming year
Set a business strategy How will you reach your goals
Set a budget Set how much money you’re spending on each lead
Digital presence Website and trafficking
Targeted customer Set your customer base and hit them with your plans
Social media platforms Use social media for effective marketing and grab the attention of your customers
SEO and content marketing Use relevant and engaging contents for SEO purposes
Email marketing Keep posting emails and analyse how much revenue is generating through email marketing
Overall marketing generated revenue Analyse the entire marketing generated revenue and compare with your cost of marketing


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