10 Tips To Avoid Failure In Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Avoid Failure In Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is basically used for the treatment of male reproductive problems. It is a sort of assisted reproductive technology or ART. Usually, this treatment is recommended to men because it is the most successful form of infertility treatment for men.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
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Basically this process is used to enhance the fertilization process for men during the In-vitrio fertilization or IVF process. For those who don’t know, the IVF is the process of fertilization where a mature egg is taken and a single sperm is injected to fertilize it. After that the fertilized egg is placed in the fallopian tube or uterus. But there is a chance that these things can fail.

Don’t go to an ill-reputed medical facility

Make sure that you go to the right medical facility – this is very important to make sure that your ICSI system is going properly. Also, you can check the online portal of the hospitals. There may be several testimonials for their services. Read them to get an idea about their services. You can do a thorough online research to get an idea about the type of medical facility that is available for this and how to get this done properly. Usually asking around in online platforms is a good idea if you want to keep your anonymity while doing research for the same.

Don’t prescribe yourself the wrong solution

You can only do it under the right conditions. We know that this method is used only when the sperm concentration is less than 15 to 20 million/millimetre. This is why you must do it only if the doctors have recommended it for you. However, the above criterion isn’t alone necessary for taking to ICSI. You may also have sperm motility less than 35% or only when there are sperm abnormalities preventing the sperm to penetrate the egg, do you have to do it. If you do not fall under these criteria then this system might not work for you. Check with the doctor to know for sure.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Avoid any step that does not carry the fertilization properly

One of the processes that involves the successful ICSI is fertilization of the egg. If the egg is fertilized properly, it can then be put into the uterus of the female partner. After that nature takes its course. But the only thing that is important here is that the fertilization occurs properly. The couple therefore has to rely on the facility to make sure that this goes on properly.

Don’t forget to choose the embryo quality

Embryo quality will determine the success rate this is why you cannot miss this step. Although it comes later during the process of ICSI fertilization, it is an important step and it can assess how the embryos are transferred. During this process what happens is that on the morning of embryo transfer, the embryos are processed and evaluated by an embryologist. You have to take the expert’s word for it – your physician will also be there to guide you. Everything depends upon the development rate and the appearance of the embryos.

Usually, the embryos are transferred after the 3rd day of the oocyte retrieval. These are all very technical terms. Basically what will happen is that the doctors will assess the embryos in the grading system and based on their judgment will tell you about the quality of the embryos. But this is a very important step and you should not miss it – make sure that you are thoroughly engrossed with the doctors because this embryo will decide the future of the process.

Don’t forget to talk to the doctors

Most men tend to open up less during this process. This is why they aren’t able to get the right options or understand the process fully. It really all begins when you just sit down with your doctor and assess the entire thing with your doctors properly. It will help you understand how and what you must proceed to have a future with ICSI procedure.

If you have any specific issues or if you are having a change in circumstances related to ejaculation, you must talk to the doctors immediately. It is important that you know if this process is going in the right direction before heading on with it.

Don’t smoke or drink for at least two months before the process

The entire thing depends upon the quality of semen. The semen will not be potent if you are an alcoholic or a meth-head. This is why it is important that you give up all those ill habits before going on with it. It is true that in many cases people who have such habits are unable to get a high rate of success in case of ICSI. This is why it is important to take to healthy habits before you go out to take the semen during the process. You can start substituting junk food with more green vegetables too.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Avoid hush-hush

Don’t forget to ask the doctor about the right procedure for collecting the semen. Usually what happens is that the male semen is collected and then the process is carried out. This is why the man has to give them a sample of the same. So in order to do so you have to talk to the doctor about the best ways to do it.

Usually, the man has to undergo a masturbation procedure to make this happen. The next step is, of course, the fertilization process. The fertilised egg is used to develo0p for a few days before it is transferred to the woman’s uterus. Many doctors have important suggestions for the men at this stage. Make sure that you are open to discussions about the same.

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Avoid stress

Stress is the number one problem for poor performance. During the process, it is important that you are not becoming stressed out. Make sure that you have ample support system and you can talk to someone to ease yourself before the process. Many men are simply stuck at the preliminary stage because they are unable to collect their semen for the process.

A healthy ejaculation process will ensure that the sperms are healthy. Therefore a positive frame of mind is very important to have at this stage. It is one of the prime important things to consider before you head on with this. Also, if the sperm quality is weak then it will not be able to travel the great distances that it is able to.

Don’t forget to give yourself enough time

Usually, it takes four to six weeks for the process to complete. You have to take this time out to see how the process goes on. You can easily expect that you and your partner will have to spend a day and a half at the clinic for retrieving the sperm and egg. This is why you will be asked to come back every two to five days to carry out the in-between processes. Make sure that you are there for all of them because it is the most crucial stage and the extraction of the sperm is just the beginning.

Don’t hesitate to call your doctor in case of any issue

Since the entire thing is very time sensitive, you cannot sit on any stage. If you are facing any issue during any stage of the process, you will have to consult your doctor immediately. So if there are any issues, it can be addressed as soon as possible without causing any damage to the injecting process. This is why it is very important to maintain the line of communication with your doctor at all times.

Does it really become successful?

The chances of success here are 60 to 70 percent depending on the quality of the sperm used. However, after the fertilisation, the success rate is the same as that of the IVR process that is used in conjunction with the ICSI. It also depends on what age you carry out the process. Usually, there is a 44% chance of success for people who are between 18 to 34 years if age and that is the highest rate. For people whose age is above 35 and below 37 the rate of success if 39%. For people between ages 38 and 39, there is a 30% chance of success. Finally, there is a 21% and 11% success rate depending upon the age gap of people between 40-42 and 43-44 respectively. If you are over 45 years of age then there is a 2 percent chance of success.

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But don’t let the statistics fool you.  Always consult with your doctor before you take any final decision. It also depends upon the man’s health. Therefore you must assess yourself and if you happen to want to go through it, then don’t forget to take the aforementioned tips before doing it.

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