Tips Clear : Become smart this winters!

Tips Clear : Become smart this winters!

during winters
during winters

Winters affect directly our pockets and very easily take out our hard earned money wisely even before realize anything. Become smart this winters and don’t let the money run out of your purse. We should try to cut down our unnecessary consumption which can be avoided by following these simple yet effective tips.

  • Try to rearrange your furniture as the outer walls and windows are colder than the inner ones. So shift your furniture to the centre of the house and use it. You will need less of heaters.
  • Keep your extra refrigerator off which you don’t need this winters. All the bulbs and lights should be closed once the room is vacant.
  • To get best out of your electrical gadgets, don’t over load your washing machine with clothes and dish washer with more utensils. If you can, then use cold water setting for washing clothes as it will help in reducing 75% of energy used by the appliance.
  • Give some rest to your computer and laptops. Activate power management in them so that when they are not in use still they save the energy. Don’t forget to shut them at night as being in sleeping mode also they still consume energy.
  • Always purchase star rating electrical appliances this will help in saving more of the energy. TV’s, VCR’s and chargers still consume energy even when they are switched off. It’s advisable to unplug them when not in use.
  • Let the sun-shine enters your house. It will warm the inner side of the house and keep it free from insects and ants. When the sun sets close your doors and windows.
  • Though modern kitchen appliances are power saver but with lot of increased kitchen work as you want to enjoy your winters with friends and eating all those tempting and hot food. All this tend to increase your electricity bill. When children keep the refrigerator door open till they find that yummy treat hidden in it.
  • Whenever cooking in an oven, never open its door again and again to check if the food is cooked rather watch from the outer mirror to see if you’re cooking needs more time. This will undoubtedly save energy. If possible cook 2-3 things together in the oven by leaving enough space between the 2 dishes for heat to circulate.


  • While cooking food in lesser quantity always use microwave as it will not let the kitchen heat up but for large items always use oven.
  • For baking and boiling small food items, use toaster oven as it use just 1/3 of the energy used by the oven.
  • Refrigerator is another kitchen tool which consumes more energy. To get the best out of it never let the refrigerator door opened for longer time. Don’t overload it by putting more stuff in it. Let the air circulate in it.
  • Dishwasher requires 37 % less water than the water used for washing utensils with hand. Clean the utensils with cold water before putting utensils in the dishwasher. Always wash it full load.
  • We celebrate holidays and festivals with wonderful lights. With Christmas and New Year a head if you are looking to beautify your house with them then you should check with damaged or cracked sockets and frayed wires. If you come up with any such thing its better to replace them.

Needless to say all these smart tips will help save you cut down your electricity bills and at this party time you will not worry those increased bills which keep you awake whole night.

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