Tips Clear Benefits of pomegranate

Tips Clear Benefits of pomegranate

benefits of pomegranateThe juicy red fruit pomegranate which entices everybody with its mouth-watering taste is not only good enough in eating but also posses many nutritional values. Where as one side this healthy fruit is good to eat even its peels are used in excoriating the dead skin. It is also well-known for its medicinal value and is also recognized as a sign of prosperity and fertility.

Antioxidant – The amount of antioxidant contained in the peel while extracting juice helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Pomegranate juice is beneficial to our skin and body in numerous ways. It is equivalent to green tea and blue berries as per its nutritional value.

Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels – Unlike other fruits it do not increase the level of blood sugar and according to the recent studies that if a diabetic patient drink this juice, it will not elevate his sugar level as it contains fructose.

Controls blood pressure – It is also beneficial in reducing the high blood pressure. It won’t be wrong if we regard this wonderful fruit as a natural aspirin which acts as a blood thinner and facilitates in free-flowing of blood in the body helping in controlling the blood pressure.

Protects from cancer – One of its well-known quality is that it protects from cancer by slowing down the growth of cancer and other ailments. The anti-oxidants present in it helps in developing healthy immune system which strengthens the different organs of the body.

Calm on the stomach -It assist in secreting enzymes which aids in smooth digestion function thus it proves helpful while treating diarrhea. A sure shot remedy to cure indigestion is to have the juice with a teaspoon of honey. Both jointly will do wonders in curing indigestion problems.

Enhance immunity – Pomegranate juice which is full of anti- microbial and anti bacterial properties where on one side fight against the viruses and on the other side helps in elevating immunity system. Moreover it helps in the reduction of microbes which are responsible for infections and cavities in the mouth.

benefits of pomegranate1Put a stop to Anemia – Most of the women daily coping up with the problem of anemia, pomegranate juice comes as a sigh of relief for all of them. The amount of iron content included in it helps in overcoming the deficiency of blood cell. In addition it cures bleeding nose as well by simply putting few drops of juice into the nose.

Renewal of cartilage -An osteoarthritis patient is advised to drink the juice because it assists in reduction and deterioration of breakdown of joint’s cartilage. It is well known for dissolving stones in the kidney and reducing the beginning of neurological problems.

Good for pregnant women – Pomegranate juice is highly enriched with numerous vitamins, minerals and folic acid which are necessary components for a pregnant lady. This juice aids in overall progress of fetus and smooth blood circulation in the body. Apart from this the risk of early delivery is reduced by regular intake of this healthy juice.

Besides treating health ailments the pomegranate juice is beneficial for skin also.

Reduces aging process – It helps in reducing wrinkles which are the first signs of ageing. A regular intake can help in regenerating skin cells and can avoid the hyper pigmentation and dark spots leaving you with a vibrant, glowing skin.

Treating scars – Nobody likes those scares on their face which attract unwanted attention of the people around. Pomegranate helps in speeding up the healing process. The pomegranate oil is known for healing epidemics. It also extends the fibroblasts which helps in tightening the skin and further preventing from wrinkles and fine lines.

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