Tips Clear benefits of papaya skin care

Tips Clear benefits of papaya skin care

Tips Clear benefits: Papaya is an extremely nutritious fruit that provides several health benefits. Besides that, it also helps your skin and hair become softer. It is rich in Vitamins A, C, R and K. It has anti-oxidants which help remove toxins from the body. The fruit can be incorporated into a number of home remedies to achieve impressive results. Here are a few. From celebrities to dermatologists, they all endorse the fruit and encourage you to include it in your diet and beauty regime.

Tips Clear benefits

Lightens skin:

Papaya is known for its bleaching properties which can remove tan, blemishes, scars and dark spots. The flesh of the fruit, if rubbed on your hands, legs, face, neck, and back and help achieve an even complexion. Papaya combined with lemon juice to make a simple face pack which will leave you looking fresh in no time.

Moisturizes skin:

Not only does papaya feel like butter in your mouth, but it can also have that effect on your skin. Papaya is a rich of water and using the fruit externally on your skin can hydrate dull, lifeless skin. Mashing the fruit to a pulp and combining it with honey makes an effective face pack which can leave dry skin rejuvenated instantly.

Prevents aging:

Papaya is abundant in Vitamin A which removes dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new cells. It also contains Vitamins C and E which keep your skin looking healthy and young. Frequent consumption of papaya by including it to your diet can work wonders for your skin. Mashing an overripe papaya and applying the paste to your face goes a long way in keeping your skin looking young and lively.

Reduces acne:

Acne caused by bacterial infestation in the pores of the skin. Papaya contains anti-oxidants which help eliminate toxins from the body and kill pimple-causing germs. The papain enzyme helps clear clogged pores and helps you get clearer skin. Applying papaya juice to your face and help lighten acne and even prevent it in the long run.

Heals open wounds:

Papaya is a well known antiseptic, just like neem, or tulsi or turmeric. Applying a paste of papaya pulp or the juice can help cracked skin or open wounds heal faster. It even promotes the growth of new skin cells to repair the body. Wounds which take longer to heal, but are too delicate for the application of strong antiseptics heal better with papaya. Its mild but effective formula helps your cells grow faster.


Papaya acts as a great natural scrub, which eliminates dead cells, blackheads and even tan. Use it on your face and neck in upward, circular motion to even enhance blood circulation. Papaya contains active enzymes which help the skin retain its texture and elasticity.

Papayas are an extremely beneficial fruit to not only your health but also your skin and hair. Using it in the face and hair packs every now and then will give them a natural, long-lasting glow.

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