Tips Clear Brain power!

Brain Games
Brain Games

As far as the human brain is concerned it’s said that till 25 years of age it’s like an upward hill and after mid twenties it like downward hill. In other words it starts shrinking after 25 years. It’s unavoidable and bound to happen. We can not do anything in this. But still we can do quite a lot of things which will slow down the process.

Free radicals: shrink the free radicals which enter the brain through cigarette, fatty foods and smoke. They are responsible for damaging the brain. The finest way is to reduce the entry of free radicals is to cut down the intake of red meat which affects the brain very much. Try to eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are enriched with anti-oxidants and are very effective in mopping up the radicals.

Take Brain for a walk. As we all know that walking is good for health in the same way its goof for brain as well. Every minute brain receives 1000 liters of blood and as there is no storage in the brain it should receive nutrients continuously. In order to regular supply of blood to brain the heart should be healthy and in good condition. As we all know that walking is a good exercise for the heart. We should walk daily to keep our heart and brain healthy.

Grab some hobbies. Hobbies play a vital role in gaining brain power. When we challenge our brain with new challenges and mental activities it tries to restructure and try to invent new solutions of the problem which has been forced upon him.  Mainly there are 4 hobbies which help the most in getting the brain power. We should select one or more in our everyday activities so that our brain becomes sharp and very much don’t lack behind in its performance.

The hobbies which one should opt for increasing the working of brain are: learn a musical instrument. When we learn musical instruments we need to keep out mind alert as we have to perform one sound after the other. Learning to play it will definitely keep our mind active and will boost its working.

Another very goof brain exercise is dance. Dance is a complete physical and mental exercise. It keeps the person fit and healthy. Similarly it assists in gaining brain health as well. One step followed by other gives the continuity to the movement and as we dance our heart pumps more of blood. Thus sending more blood to the brain and making it more active and energetic.

Playing chess is another very good mental exercise as it leave the players to stress and to come out with a solution to the problem they are indulged in. Stress on the mind gives a scenario that people have to learn to deal with. By having to deal with stress, you are helping to improve your brain functionality better. However, if you are worried though that your brain concentration is lacking then you could always look at using supplements for concentration, these types of supplements are great as they give you the focus and energy you need to stay on task.

Besides this, reading can be regarded as a very good mental exercise. When we read a book, tale or a novel we get involve with the characters and start thinking about them and also about the possible solution to the problem asked or reflected in the story. This stress helps it improve and undoubtedly it comes out with multiple solutions. Its remarkable performance will leave us spell-bound.

Last but not the least we should not forget that a healthy mind lives in healthy body train your body with physical workouts and for brain do some mental exercise which are very much available in earlier made suggestions.

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