Tips Clear Buddy parenting

Tips Clear Buddy parenting

Buddy Parenting is not an easy task these days. It is the most sensitive matter which has to be dealt with utmost care. You never know what your kids will feel wrong about and how to clear up the chaos of problematic corners.

Parenting is much more than bringing up your child. It should be like bringing out a real person out of children. The theory of single formula doesn’t apply to all the children, as all children are different in their way. This is an essential factor which we should presently consider while bringing up our children. The best way is to adopt the approach of buddy parenting. Parents are their best friends, and parents make sure that they spend quality time with them. Enjoy your children in their innocent character.

Buddy parenting


I always behaved like a friend when it comes to parenting, and I think now when my child has crossed the benchmark of teenager she is my best buddy. Going back to the years of early childhood reminds me of those days when my daughter was just two years old. Living in a joint family with so many responsibilities to share with and lesser people helping you with the upbringing of the child was in itself a difficult and tedious task.

Buddy parenting1My own needs and commitment towards my family showed me some innovative ways with which I brought up my child. I always kept her busy while I am finishing my household work. Myself purchased multiple drawing books and crayons for her so that she keeps herself busy with those colourful crayons and keep scribbling on the drawing sheets while I finish my household work. I always praised her for her initiatives which encouraged her very much, and she kept improving day by day.


When I am in the kitchen, she is with me. Can you imagine a two-year-old girl to make chapatti? But yes she was trying as she was learning by looking at me. Undoubtedly I heard many scolding from my family members regarding this, but I didn’t give up. It was my initiative to keep her engage in new things. This helped her in acquiring many things instantly, and she sped up her learning power and kept learning new things along with old ideas.


Slowly and gradually she went to the school and started learning new things there and came to know about the outer world. She shared her all problems and worries with me which I sorted out after keeping myself at her age. No boring lectures and straightly putting and mentioning the facts to her and then leave it to her, as to how she wants to come out of her problems. To my surprise, she adopted the difficult, but the right path.

When she entered in her teens, by this time she was more independent and confident. As I always motivated her to do things of her own. As she learned computer in the school, she insisted me to learn computers. She did help me learn this present day’s necessity. Myself so engaged with household work hardly paid any head to it.


With her continuous motivation, I started learning computer and exploring the internet world. As I use to praise my daughter with her those scribbled, unorganized, long and short lines she praised my small advancement too. She drags out the writer who was hidden inside me. She gathered enough knowledge using internet inspired me to write articles.

imagesI love to write, but it was confined to paper pen only. Her motivation forced me to go online, and today I am a content and story writer just because of my daughter. Thanks, the beta for introducing me to my inner qualities. I taught her how to handle pencil and crayons, and in return, she taught me how to control the mouse.

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