Tips Clear Health Tips : Wake up call

Tips Clear Health Tips : Wake up call

wake up callIf you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you are under danger zone and take this as a wake up call for your health regime. If you are unable to even climb 10-15 steps or you feel puffed breath after running for a few meters, then you should start thinking about getting serious about your health in life.

Just give a glance to your life-like how it would be after 10 or say 15 years. Where do you see yourself?  Are you spending your life on the bed or staying fit and active after 10-15 years. Start thinking about your health right now before it’s too late. There are many points which convey the message that you should take up this matter seriously. If you find a problem in bending and touching your toe, or your knee aches while climbing are all symptoms indicating that you are in the danger zone.

We often know that we are fat or over weight, but what exactly is our actual weight, we don’t know. So let’s start with finding the actual weight, which can be calculated by three ways.

  • Height-weight chart– you can see that your weight is according to your height by the means of checking the chart. To have a fitness level check, a female about 5 feet tall should not have more than 45-50 kg of weight. Where a female of the same height and weight 41 kg will be regarded as a small size and 45 kg weight medium and 50 kg weight large size. Man of same height, weight should range in between 43-53.The ideal weight for a woman of 5’4”tall is 49-59.
  • BMI (Body mass index) – if your BMI is more than 23 then you need to shed extra weight, whereas BMI less than 18.5 is harmful as well. BMI can be easily calculated with a formula, it’s not that tough formula which you kept learning in your school days. It’s simple just divide your body weight by the square of your height.

BMI =weight (in kg)/ (height in meters) square.

Let’s learn it from an example. Suppose if your weight is 60 kg and the height is 160 cms or 1.6 meters, then BMI will 60/1.6 *1. 6 =62/2.56=23.4. Means your Body Mass Index is less than 25 which in other words, says that you are fit. If your BMI ranges in between 25-29 and it is over weight and more than 30 then you fall under a category of obese people, BMI under 18.5 is regarded as underweight.

  • Waistline- another method of knowing about your fitness level is your waistline. In women it should not be more than 31 inches, whereas in men it should not exceed 35 inches. The waistline is measured at the waist where you fasten you felt.

After knowing your weight by following any of the above methods you should try to shed extra pounds and extra inches. But, don’t forget an important thing that don’t loose weight more than required because too much weight loss is harmful as well.

Now you know your target, get-set-go to accomplish it. For which you should make some preparation beforehand. Start with buying a nice pair of jogging shoes for you. Make sure that they are comfortable. They should be light in weight and it should be made of the fabric which can soak the sweat.

Clothes for exercise should be according to the weather. Like in winters go for a warm track suit,  whereas in summers shirts and shorts can be worn. Buy a weighing machine which will keep a record of your weight. You can buy a digital or a stylish weighing machine. Last but not the least buys a digital watch also. It will manage your activities with the help of stop watch.

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