Tips Clear : A Treatise on Season’s Wonder

Tips Clear: A Treatise on Season’s Wonder  

Season's WonderGod has created this world while creating it; he has manifested it with so many wonders. Nature is one of such wonders. And the offspring of nature is a season. And it is the season which is mainly responsible for the survival of life on earth. Season determines the different types of climates which in turn nourishes life in many ways. To survive in the land, we require food. Now, let us see how season produces food. It is this season which is the originator of different climates. And in various climates, various seeds of food grains are sown which in turn give birth to different kinds of food on which life survives.


The point will become clear if we examine a case. For instance, the month of March-April which is the beginning of hot climate- known as the harvesting season for the crop of wheat yield grains for our consumption. The same is true about growing different kinds of fruits. Even the smell of the various fruits clearly indicates the place of its origin. For example, one can differentiate between a decision Apple from Kashmir and an apple, say, from Shimla merely by the aroma surrounding the fruit. This distinction has been made possible only by the climate in which the fruit is grown. So, in a nutshell, we can safely conclude that it is the climate –the offshoot of season – which creates this wonder not only for sustaining life in this universe but making it rich and varied in so many ways also.


 Merely being “existence” is no life. Season’s wonder go further than simply making us exist in life. It gives us a meaning to live life. The onset of winter season heralds the oncoming, say, of the festival of Diwali. Every Indian of whatever hue and color or race celebrates Diwali with great pomp and show. It fills us with ultimate thrill and spirit. In the same way, for Christians, the eve of “Christmas” to falls in the cold season’s month of December 25th every year.

Similarly, the spring season brings the festival of Raksha-Bandhan, Janmashtami, Dussehra for Hindus. We celebrate all these occasions with great joy and happiness which again is the blessing of different seasons for us. We call it blessing because it is the coming of these seasons that makes us alive towards these festivals. Had there been no seasons, we would never have felt that warmth in celebrating these occasions which we feel. Again, the credit for this goes to these beautiful seasons.

season bestows

But, in spite of all these blessings that season bestows upon us, we humans report back with a large callousness on this bounty of nature. We, by our immoral acts like the felling of trees indiscriminately at will; by the emission of uncontrolled passes through vehicles which add to pollution all around and thereby give rise to so many dreaded diseases like asthma; chronic bronchitis; a cardio-vascular disease which take a heavy toll of life every day.

Is this our Thanksgiving to the blessing and wonder of the season? To be sure, no. It is high time we realize this serious crime of commission. By way of penance, we should now desist from these nefarious activities of ours and sincerely be grateful for this invaluable gift of God. Only then, these wonders of seasons will become more meaningful and enchanting for time immemorial.

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