Tips Clear Winter blues!!

Winter blues
Winter blues

As winters are approaching fast, our body takes time to adjust to this change of weather and quite often we all fall ill with common problems of winters like cold, flu or viral. They affect our life and daily routine and create problem in performing our daily chores. We all hate to fall ill, but as our body takes some time to adjust we should be kind towards it and give some time for adjustment. Save yourself from this changing season by keeping below mentioned points in mind.

Don’t give up your regular exercise. This cozy weather makes us a bit lazy and we are not regular with our daily exercises. People suffering from the problem of blood pressure and high cholesterol have to take some extra precaution at this time. Cold weather increases the level of pollution and this pollution reaches in the lungs and leads to increase in congestion. It is advisable for older people to carry-on with their exercises at home. If they wish, they may go to park after onset of the sun.

Need of Workout. A very common problem which arises in winters is of joint pains. To relieve the muscles and joints from the pain, one should do workouts at home. Push-ups and pull-ups are good exercise for maintaining the flexibility of muscles. For this you don’t have to go outside of your home, you can warm up with dumbbells and this will help you relieve from the joint pains. You don’t have to take out an extra time for these small but fruitful workouts. Take a small break from your regular work and try moving your arms and slowly and gradually.

Exercise for heart. In winters what bothers us the most, is that extra fat, which starts cumulating on our body and badly affects the functioning of the heart. According to the cardiologist, fat affects the heart beat and due to gain in the weight, the workload on the heart increases. To cope up with the heart related problems everybody should do cardio exercises at home.

It would be better if you execute 20 minute cardio exercise which increases the heart beat from its usual beating rate. There is varied choice of workouts available at home. To begin with, you can jog standing at the same place, perform skipping or simply jump for 20-25 times. Beside this you can constantly go up and down your stairs. Spend 5 minutes on all the exercise this will help you keep fit and your heart young.

Winter season is very much linked with mouth watering eatables. All those tempting hot sweet dishes are irresistible and how much hard we try to control our self but still, we eat a lot of them. No worries just make few changes in your diet and then eat what you want to and at the same time enjoy winters.

We need more energy in winters so your food should enrich with proteins and fibers. This will take care of your immune system. Pulses and dry fruits are good s of proteins. Dry fruits like walnut, almond and cashew nut help in keeping the body warm. Take either 7 or 8 pieces of these dry fruits daily. You can combine 4 almond pieces with 4 cashew nuts or anything what you like.

Increase intake of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables like carrot, radish, and tomato are enriched with anti oxidants, besides providing nutrients they will help in removing the toxins from the body. Fruits which are red, yellow and purple in color contains plenty of vitamin A and C. Add them more in your daily meal. Another problem in winters is of dehydration so needless to say, keep drinking more water everyday.

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