Tips to fine tune your marketing according to customers

Tips to fine tune marketing according to customers

Tune Marketing : Marketing is necessary for everything today. As we know that online things are taking over all sorts of other ways of marketing. It is definitely a mandatory duty to be thoroughly updated with new ways and tricks of online marketing. While talking about online marketing we should not forget that online trends keep changing with passing time. In that case we need to be quicker and more vigorous when opting for online marketing. Now being into marketing is not an old thing but making it fine and working is definitely a job to be done. There are few tips which can be followed while improving your marketing skills.

tune marketing

  1. Distinguish between wide and narrow market

Your market is genuinely a vast one and it is difficult to grab the entire market’s attention at one go. To make it much easier distinguish between the wide and narrow market. That implies you can narrow down your targeted customers to a small group of people or categorize them as per your goal. E.g. you can target only college students among the vast student group from all over the country.

  1. Concentrate on your target

To gain some, you need to lose some. You can have a wide customer base but it will be smarter if you narrow down your targeted customer and focus on them exclusively. It is not like that you are missing other potential buyers. But to make a fine tune marketing plan concentrating on different categories at times will be profitable.

  1. Tools and techniques that fit your marketing best

Marketing is not same for all. There are several different tools and techniques for marketing. Pick up the best-fitted technology and tool that can highlight your product or services. If your product does not need much more marketing then don’t waste time and money after that. Simply go for normal online marketing rather than over-the-top selling strategies.

  1. Catchy and sarcastic ways to sell your business

It is much easier to catch eyes of your customers to the out-of-the-box concepts. So go for little weird and sarcastic ways to sell your business. There can be typical ways or out-of-the-way methods to sell. Whichever you take but make sure it must be easier for your customers to buy it. Provide discounts, offers or anything to make it available easily.

  1. Use new ways to promote

Marketing concepts have changed drastically in past few years. There are extensive ways, rather new ways to advertise your products and services. As for example videos, you can use your product and service videos in a lot more different ways than before. Vloggers is the term that people often use while using their videos on their blogs. Similarly, you can use images, graphics and lot more.

  1. Try to catch the new eyes on your website

When you know you have a fixed customer base why don’t you try for new eyes to haunt in your website? To gather new and fresh visitors you need to revise your website million times and keep changing the contents. Especially on the landing page to catch more eyes on your website. Make sure you put as many as information in the to-the-point format so that people get attracted to your website.

  1. E-mails in every 24 hours

It is important to be connected to your customers even when they are busy and don’t want to get disturbed. Almost in every 24 hours drop an automated message in your customers’ inbox to let them know what you are planning and offering. You never know which of your customers are waiting for your new offers. Have an automatic email system in every 24 hours so that your vast customer database can receive all your emails in every 24 hours.

  1. Maintain social media presence

It is quite a common phenomenon today to increase social media presence. Like said earlier, social media presence makes a lot different to your marketing and sales. As the entire world is using social media platforms so it is the lot easier to grab targeted as well as new sets of customers through extensive social media platforms. Also by frequent social media presence, you can grab attention from different parts of the world even when they fall under different time zone. You never know who is visiting your website while you are sleeping.

  1. Post good testimonials

Post some good testimonials about your business and your products throughout your website. Also, let others write about you. Like the targeted customers such as students or some active users. A lot of people read such real testimonials before selecting your products or services. It helps you to improve as well as helps to gain more traffic to your website.

  1. Mobile sites and mobile marketing

Mobile friendly websites are common these days still it is not old yet. As we know that mobile phones are highly used by each entity so it is quite inevitable. That to get more customers to visit your website, have an easily loadable mobile-friendly website for your business.

Marketing – quick tips

What How
Customer analysis Spot the difference between wide and narrow market. Focus on narrow one.
Be focused Concentrate on your exclusive customers
Tools and techniques Pick up the best ones to highlight your product
Diverse platforms Use diverse platforms to endorse your business
Get in touch with customers Drop email every now and then to let your customers know about you
Mobile friendly sites Make a mobile site to catch your customers’ eyes easily.
Give yourself thumbs up Post good testimonials in your website
Social media presence Be active in all your social media channels and keep posting relevant catchy contents

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