Tips for a Safe Camping Trip Anywhere

Tips for a Safe Camping Trip Anywhere

Safe Camping Trip: The beginning of camping season is slowly creeping up, and you need to make sure that you are prepared when you head out to the wilderness. With all the glamping going on these days, you still need to take some basic precautions when it comes to spending the night in the wild or more than one night.

Safe Camping Trip

It’s not all just about what you pack, though. You also want to make sure that you have made your plans known to others, just in case. You’ll learn more about that later.

Packing For First Aid

When you hit the road for a camping trip the last thing on your mind is probably an accident happening, but you should, at least, consider it and be prepared for one. A camping first aid kit is going to need a few more things than the one you have in your home.

You’ll still need the general bandages and ointment. But there are a few more things you should have. Depending on where you’re camping. If snake bites might be possible, have a snake bite kit with you. Calamine lotion can help for any itchy bug bites, or if you get into the poison ivy.

Packing For Safety

Safe Camping Trip

There are dangers in the woods, mostly depending on how remote you are camping. There are both people dangers and wildlife dangers. It’s not always a good idea to have a gun with you on a camping trip. Especially depending on the laws in the area you are camping and of the campground itself. But you may want to have a knife and a few other things.

Depending on where you are camping, you may also want to bear repellent, some flairs, and more. If you are swimming or boating, take life preservers. If you will be hiking, you want to make sure you have a pack that can hold your safety items.

Giving Notifications

Last, but not least, if you are heading out on a camping trip you really need to make sure that you let someone know where you are going. Give them your actual itinerary, emergency numbers, and more. Give them the info on what day you’ll be leaving. When you plan to arrive at your campsite when you will be home and everything in between.

You want to leave this with someone you can trust. This way, if you don’t make it to one of the points, or if you aren’t home sometimes the day you are supposed to be, your friend can make sure the authorities know where you were so if something bad did happen you can be tracked down.

Don’t forget to have enough food and water for your entire trip. You don’t want to starve on your camping vacation!

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