Tips for an Art Gallery Inspired Vacation

Tips for an Art Gallery Inspired Vacation

If you love art you just might want to spend some time enjoying art this summer. That can mean many things, from festivals to museums and beyond. If you really want to enjoy the culture and beauty of art, here are five ways to do it!

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Visit Some Art Galleries

Going on an art gallery tour can be fun and educational. If your own hometown doesn’t have an art gallery take some time to do some online research and see where there are some nearby. You may get lucky and find out that they have a special showing or maybe even a party going on.

Some art galleries, like Park West Gallery in Michigan, have auctions and more. According to their website, Park West Gallery enjoys bringing the artist together. With their fans by having special artist appearances.


Go To The Art Museum

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Art galleries aren’t the only places where you can view the art of all kinds. You can also find a wide array of art in art museums. Whether you chose to go to an art history museum or you’d prefer modern art, you will be pulled into an emotional world of creativity.

It is believed that modern art museums can provide even more emotion and depth that historical art museums. Either way, you will find a creative vibe that just might inspire you to get artistic yourself.

Take A Sculpture Tour

Cities all over are moving sculptures into downtown areas. You can find the amazing Cloud Gate sculpture (which looks like a giant bean) in Chicago. Or the La Grande Vitesse sculpture by Alexander Calder in Grand Rapids.

Finding art in this way can be even more amazing. Because you get to walk along and see the beauty of a city’s architecture and nature as well.

Attend An Art Festival

Recently Michigan has seen a huge popularity spike in art festivals due to their Art Prize competition. Which takes over the whole downtown area for almost a month. They are not the only big city to have art festivals and it can be fun to explore the many facets of art this way.

Small towns also often have arts and crafts festivals. Where any type of art can be found, from the youngest artist to the oldest.

Sign Up For An Art Class

What better to do during the summer than learn something new. If you want to connect to the world of art then take some time to get hands-on with it. And sign up for a local art class. Whether you sign up through a gallery, a local recreation center, or your town has one of those new places. Where you can enjoy a drink while learning to paint. You can really enjoy the experiences of learning the art.

No matter how you decide to connect to art this year, make sure you enjoy it and take lots of pictures!

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