An ordinary drain auger, also known as a drain snake. Usually consists of flexible and thin coiled wires that are then twisted together to form an upright shape and bend at the base into a point. It’s certainly possible to remove a clogged toilet with an ordinary snake. But too often, when you’re finished, you’ll leave large unsightly scratches on the bottom of your toilet bowl. What you need to do is invest in a quality toilet auger.

Different types of toilet augers

There are a number of different types of toilet augers available for sale on the market, and these depend a lot on the size and shape of your toilet bowl. You’ll find a wide range of toilets to choose from and these may have different specifications and materials used in their construction, so it’s important to take a look at the different designs before making a decision. You should also consider how you intend to use your toilet auger as different models and functions may require different tools to get the job done.

Choosing A Toilet Auger
Choosing A Toilet Auger

If you’re just trying to clean up your toilet, a basic toilet auger will do the job effectively. The curved shape of this tool means that it can be bent easily, meaning that it can be used in tight areas or around objects that shouldn’t be able to be reached using the traditional methods. This also means that you can make very precise work of removing clogs, and since it’s also relatively easy to use, you don’t need to worry about getting any tools tangled up or causing damage to your toilet. With this tool, you can easily get your bathroom to look like it has never been used.


However, if you’re more serious about your toilet’s performance and want to do everything you can to ensure it lasts a long time, then a more advanced, professional-looking, and more professional-looking, version of the basic toilet auger may be necessary. In these cases, you’ll find a much longer, thicker, and stronger auger that will help you reach clogs which are more difficult to remove by hand. {or even with a smaller auger. These toilet augers are also usually made from stainless steel, which is much more durable than other materials.

Regular toilet augers

In addition to being stronger, these larger and more professional looking regular toilet augers will also be able to reach deep down into your toilet. As a result, you may be able to get into clogs that were previously undetectable with regular hand or power augers. These augers are also typically equipped with a special valve that helps you prevent water from escaping from your toilet and flowing back into the drain, saving water and energy.

In the case of larger drains, some companies sell new toilet augers, which are specially designed to reach them. These drain augers are able to move further into the pipe and work much harder than standard drain augers. These tools can also work in a variety of situations where the standard tools cannot reach and they can remove clogs from areas that conventional tools simply cannot reach.

High-quality toilet augers

As well as being stronger and more robust, high-quality toilet augers are also very durable and reliable. They can also be used for multiple tasks including replacing or cleaning other parts of your toilet such as the toilet seat and the toilet bowl itself. As these tools are typically strong enough to remove a toilet that contains a huge number of clogs, they are able to replace the entire toilet in a single pass, unlike conventional drain augers. Most of the time you won’t have to worry about buying more than one replacement tool, so your investment is often very minimal and will pay for itself over time.

If you’re looking for the best possible way to save money on the costs of your plumbing repairs and replacements, then you should consider buying a few toilet augers in order to do your job properly. These tools are available in many different shapes and sizes, and you can select any type of auger that’s right for you. and your particular situation. You can easily find a company that sells a wide variety of tools at affordable prices, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to buy a toilet auger in your local area for as well.

What Is a Drain Snake?

A drain snake, or plumber’s snake, generally consists of thin and flexible coiled wires that can be rotated to break through clogs.

How to Use a Toilet Auger?

When a bathroom gets obstructed, the initial course of action would be to attempt using a bathroom plunger. This instrument is much like a typical cup-style plunger utilized on a normal sink, bathtub, or shower , but it’s a centre flange which permits you to seal the instrument against the drain opening from the restroom for stirring. Very often this instrument will free whatever clog is causing the issue.

Things to Do if the Plunger Does Not Work

If a plunger is insufficient to clean a clogged bathroom , another solution is that a toilet auger–sometimes known as a closet auger, known for a classic term for bathroom, the water cupboard. Just like a normal drain snake, the bathroom auger includes a cable which moves by a manage. However, this tool is especially intended for bathrooms, using a hollow tube attached to a elbow fitting covered by a rubber sleeve that protects the toilet bowl from scrapes.

It’s surely feasible to clean a bathroom clog with a normal drain snake, but too often you can leave disfiguring scratches at the base of the bowl. A drain auger, on the other hand, won’t scratch the ceramic of your bathroom.

The flexible cable at a toilet auger is fed via the toilet drain by means of a hand crank, as well as the sturdy mind of this cable is intended to dislodge tough clogs. This instrument isn’t acceptable for almost any other sort of work. But considering that bathroom clogs are undoubtedly the most frequent plumbing problem you may encounter, it’s a tool worth possessing.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

Toilet auger


Whether this procedure does not perform the trick, you could have a clog which lies even further in the branch drain or perhaps into the pipes soil pile. You will should start looking for a different place to fix the drain, like a branch clean-out fitting (a job which requires a drain snake), or call a plumber to attack the job.

Nonetheless, it’s very unlikely you are going to need to go into another level. In the great majority of instances, the bathroom auger is going to do just fine.

Insert the Toilet Auger Cable

Pull the auger handle all of the way so the end of the cable is near the base round end of the auger tube. This curved elbow part can make feeding the cable to the bathroom simpler, and also the plastic or rubber covering will protect the bathroom from scrapes.

When properly inserted, you shouldn’t have the ability to observe the conclusion of the auger cable; you are going to see just the home.

Constantly use a set of gloves when handling the bathroom auger cable.

Crank the Manage to Auger the Cable Into the Clog

The bathroom auger, like every drain snake, functions by rotating the cable so that it moves to the drain opening with a rotational activity. In the event of bathrooms, most clogs happen at the very first part of the drain, from the snare configuration built to the ceramic body of the bathroom. The bathroom auger has sufficient cable to reach beyond the bathroom, occasionally as far as the primary soil stack. But when the clog is located beyond there, including in the primary sewer line, you’ll require a different alternative.

Use 1 hand to maintain the toilet auger home and keep it set up.

Together with another hand over the grip, twist the auger to gently work the cable to the bathroom drain. Work slowly and patiently, because a lot of pressure may cause the cable to double back on itself instead of proceed through the drain.

To acquire the cable all the way to the bathroom, you might want to undo the direction of this cranking motion a few times.

Crank in 1 direction before the cable will feed no more, then switch into another direction and keep to feed the cable before the auger handle is tight from the surface of the auger tube. Rotate the cable a few times when it’s attained its entire extension. You might well feel that the cable get to the clog, clear by the immunity.

When the cable has pushed through the clog, then pull on the toilet auger from the bathroom by rotating the grip and pulling backward.

Together with all the cable removed, flush the toilet to find out whether the clog has vanished. Typically, the clog currently flushes onward throughout the bathroom and to the drain system. Flush the toilet a few times to make certain it’s cleared completely.

Repeat the snaking procedure, if needed. Once completed, wipe out the auger cable dry (it can corrode differently ), and keep it off.

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