Tips for developing study habits in children!

Tips for developing study habits in children!

Developing Study Habits: Every parent needs to explain to their children that education is the most important part of life. Encouraging and developing study habits in a child will improve his behavior qualities from the early childhood stage. Always encourage your children to take studies seriously. It is the foremost responsibility of parents to foster their children towards studies and develop an interest in a child for education.

Developing Study Habits
Developing Study Habits

Here are some ways for developing good study habits in your child:

  1. Set up a daily routine and time for homework and stick to that routine regardless. However, kids do not enjoy studying directly after school. The child should learn and follow the habit of doing homework same time every day. If there is no homework, the child should review and revise what is teaching in class.
  1. Help your child with his homework. Give them support and guidance rather than insisting on him. Sit with them and give your quality time and attention to your child. Help him to understand the homework and praise the child for finishing it on time.
  1. Choose a comfortable place to do homework and for study. That place should be well-lit and keep the place distraction free. Maybe you can ask your child to set up his homework-friendly area. Make sure the situation should be big enough so that the child has easy access to the supplies he would need while studying- pen, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, ruler, books, notebooks, etc.
  1. If the child finds any problem, ask them first to try solving problems rather than helping them out instantly. Make them understand that you are always available to them but, they should not come to you right away for help.
  2. Stay aware of the class work and of the subjects the child is learning in the school.

  3. Try to have regular communication with the teachers. You should be aware of your child’s behavior and progress in school. Meet with child’s teachers and keep them asking about the learning process, upcoming projects, subjects in which your child is not doing well, etc.
  1. To inculcate good study habits in children, parents should actively establish a routine of the child for dinner time and bedtime. This way the child will go to the school well- energetic and perform better.
  1. Make your child learn the use and benefits of making a checklist. Ask them to make a note of upcoming projects, homework assignments, next classwork assignments, etc. Ask them to cross the completed work and write in bold the forthcoming action so that he can always quickly get to know of his accomplishments and his pending assignments.
  1. Sports education is as important as academics. A healthy mind lies in a healthy body. In order to keep your child’s mind fresh and active, encourage them to move around and stay physically active. Also motivate your child to do yoga as yoga practice helps in obtaining a concentrated mind and a healthy body.

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