Tips for Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

It has been proven that we are more productive in a clean and organized environment. Hiring a professional cleaning service such as Benchmark Cleaning Services is the best solution to a clean office, but here are some helpful tips for office cleaning that will help you and your employees work together to keep a clean and productive working environment.


Office EntranceFirst impressions mean a lot in the business world. Pretend you are a client entering your office. Take a deep breath and decide if the air is fresh and clean smelling. Smells are processed in the same part of our brain that makes decisions. Things that smell good are perceived as good.

Employees entering an office that smells good will tap into fresh creativity, setting themselves up for a productive day.

Set up a schedule for employees to take turns throughout the week for keeping the carpets and floors cleaned and deodorized. Make the task no more than 15 minutes a day and keep the cleaning products accessible and available for quick and easy cleaning.

Desk Area & Personal Cubicle

Cubic areaKeep your personal mementos limited or attach them to the walls of your cubicle. This will give you more room to work and make it easier to clean the desktop.

Paper clutter is at the top of the list for destroying your desk. Make it a rule that the paper cannot be left unattended until a file has been created or the paper is thrown away. What if you are still deciding on what to file the paper under? Make a file for “papers to be filed” but don’t take advantage of this method and make it a catch all. Set aside a time each day to empty this file making sure each piece of paper has a home.

At the close of each day, empty trash, organize and clean desktop. Swipe the keyboard, computer screen, and phone with a handy wipe made for electronics. This will make the start of each day clutter free.

Kitchen and Break Room

Kitchen areaAfter eating always clean your dishes and put them away. If the microwave was used, wipe it out immediately. On the last day of the work week make sure your items are taken home from the refrigerator. Assign the task of cleaning the refrigerator and the microwave at the close of each week.  Keeping a fresh box of baking soda inside on the top shelf will help eliminate any strong odours inside. Change at least once a month.


These will need to be thoroughly cleaned each week and checked daily for any problems that may arise. Again if you are not hiring a professional cleaning service you will need to assign employees the task of keeping the restrooms clean, sanitized, and well stocked with toilet paper, hand wiping towels, and soap.

Task Management Program

Task ManagementDownloading a task management program for multi users will keep everyone on schedule. Your checklist will include all the cleaning tasks, the day of cleaning, the tools needed to clean with, and the steps needed to complete the task. The program is simple to set up and easily accessed by all. 

Office cleaning does take time and a schedule-but a clean office is a successful office.

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