Tips for oily skin , homemade skin care & beauty makeup for oily skin

Tips for oily skin, homemade skin care & beauty makeup for oily skin

Everybody is blessed with the different type of skin, and one has to handle it according. Usually, skin type is being classified into a few categories, and all skin type carries pros and cons differently. The most common skin type is dry, natural, oily and problematic. Natural skin is an ideal type of surface and perhaps not everybody is blessed with it.

Where dry skin is prone to wrinkles and early signs of aging, oily skin is prone to acne and pimples. These pimples undoubtedly make us look ugly, and we keep hiding them under makeup thus making way for more blisters, to pop up. This very well makes clear to us that people with oily skin need to handle their skin with care and in your journey on this precaution trail here are few tips for oily skin as to how to handle it carefully

Tips for oily skin
Tips for oily skin

A big “YES” to cleansing

Sebaceous glands which are the sole pimple triggers do their job best in producing excess sebum giving a shining look to the face and laying the active background for dirt’s and germs to stick on. This oil gets collected and blocks the pores eventually hindering the skin from breathing and resulting in acne and pimples. The foremost way to take care of skin starts with cleansing and keeping it clean for most of the time. You should clean your face twice and thrice to remove dirt and grime from the face. Gel-based cleaners can do wonders on your oily skin. Moreover medicated and the soap enriched with neem, turmeric, and honey are nevertheless good for you.

Ex-foliation is good

It is necessary to scrub the oily skin once or twice a week. With excess sebum production results in dead skin which no wonder force pimples and acne to pop up and of course giving a dull and ugly look to the face. To effectively cure the skin at the right time is that you exfoliate your skin regularly. Mind it, don’t scrub harshly as it’s your skin which you are taking care of and not any hard thing.

Wonders of face masks

Try facing covers which effectively absorbs excess oil. Face masks which contain Sandalwood, Neem, turmeric and Fuller Earth do wonders in controlling excess oil production. Make sure that you try face mask after scrubbing your skin.

Your best buddy

Alcohol-free toner- CTM included in daily regime will handle many skin problems, and no wonder provides radiance to the skin. Cleaning, Toning, and Moisturizing should be included in your AM regime. Never miss toning after cleaning the face and follow it with moisturizer. This golden rule will help you keep signs of aging at bay.

The compulsion of moisturizer

No matter how much in hurry you are, never miss your moisturizers. Despite of excess oil production oily skin needs moisturizer. After every wash, your skin will make sebaceous glands active thus producing more of oil to compensate for the loss. So don’t let it happen to your delicate skin and add moisturizer into your cleaning routine.

The necessity of sunscreen

Sunscreen tends to make skin greasy, and that is the reason why people avoid them. Exposure to sunlight results in freckles, pigmentation and brown spots – all ugly signs. Hence always use sunscreen so that you don’t meet these skin problems. Go for a sunscreen which is either for oily skin or choosing a gel-based sunscreen could be a wise decision. This will keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays and gives a matte look to your face.

homemade skin care
homemade skin care

A person with oily skin needs some extra attention with her beauty treatments and make so exclusively for you right here, right now all at, beauty makeup tips for oily skin-


Start your make up by applying primer which is specially made for oily skin. Make sure you are not using the old primer as it tends to become sticky after some time. Skin based primer will help in creating a base for your makeup. This special primer will no wonder absorbs extra oil from your skin and helps in providing long lasting makeup. For better results apply the primer after cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin.


One of the virtues of oily skin is that it looks best with less application of various makeup products. Concealer will help in hiding the skin problems. Prefer concealer instead of foundation and in case you are using foundation go for either mineral-based or an oil-free foundation. It will fill the pores and make your skin look smooth and even. The golden tip is that always apply foundation with your fingertips.


After laying a foundation row it’s time for application of compact. Don’t forget to give 15 minutes to your foundation to set onto your face and then apply compact. Start with forehead and bridge area of nose these two areas are more prone to oil.

Eye shadow

While choosing eyeshadows make sure that you use powder based eye shadow as they are best for oily skin. Products like eye shadow should be powder based for oily skin. It would be a wise decision to opt for waterproof eyeliner and mascara.


Apply a base of foundation onto your lips for support of long-lasting lipstick. Always use a brush for applying lipstick. Outline lips with brush and then fill it with lipstick.

Spray – once you are done with your makeup gives it the last finishing touch by a spray — this help in keeping your makeup intact for a longer time.

There is a lot of treasure hidden in the earth and kitchen. We usually rush to market for all our beauty and health problems, but we never peeped inside the kitchen which has bundles of natural and effective fixings. Peep into your kitchen with my eyes and pick a suitable element which works best for you. Here are few homemade skin care tips exclusively for an informed person like you at tips clear

beauty makeup
beauty makeup

Gram Flour, turmeric, Lemon juice, and mustard oil

Are these things reminding you of something? Let me make this riddle easy for. All these things which are present in your kitchen are combined together to make a mask which is used in most of the Punjabi houses during the time of the wedding. This mask is believed to provide fairness to the skin and hence been used from ages in most of the weddings.

Raw milk

Before your milk comes to boil, let it act as your face cleaner. Take a tablespoon of unboiled milk and dab cotton in it. Apply this cotton onto your face and leave it for 5 minutes. Wash it with cold water for clean and clear facial skin.


Pulses grinned into powder can act like wonderful scrubs. Mix this grinned powdered pulses with honey and lemon juice apply it on to your face in a circular motion. Dead skin will come out easily.

Raw turmeric – Turmeric which is well known for healing skin problems is a good cleanser when used after mixing with uncooked milk.

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