Tips to grab Canadian citizenship through Canada live in caregivers

Tips to grab Canadian citizenship through Canada live in caregivers

Canada live in caregivers
Canada live in caregivers

The new immigration policy unveiled by the Canadian government is specially designed to pull skilled and talented migrants into the nation. The government is increasing its demand every year. To cater the need of Canadian market the CIC has launched its new express entry in the New Year. This new express entry will help the talented people to meet the employer in the nation whereupon he may send him a sponsorship letter and invite him to work in the country.

Canada live in caregivers is a pathway opened to all those foreigner caregivers who wish to come to the Canada and provide their special caring services to elder people, children or those who needs special care. The aspirant entered through this trail is allowed to apply for the PR of the nation on successful completion of two years of his work.

Canadian government has made some recent changes in its policy of live-in-caregiver. According to latest updates, the caregiver has an option to choose his place of residence. It solely depends on the person employed as caregiver whether he wants to live with the employer or not.

CIC has created two pathways .which assist the migrant to grab the permanent residency of the country through this caregiver program bracket. One is for the aspirant who wishes to enter as a child-care and the other one is entering as an elderly care for those who need medical and physical help. The government facing shortage in this field is clearing the backlog for the nominated category within 6 months.

Canada live in caregivers program offers him a numerous facilities. They are eligible to apply for the PR of the Maple leaf. The employer has to arrange for his accommodation. It can be either in the same place where the employer lives or at some other place as selected with mutual consent. He should be wealthy enough to pay the caregiver all the expenses incurred by the caregiver while traveling to the Canada.


The entry to Canada calls for certain requirements. The caregiver should have completed six months secondary school diploma in care giving. He should posse’s one year work experience within last 3 years. The knowledge of English or French language is mandatory so that he can easily communicate with the children or elderly people. Therefore the caregiver can render his services without being examined.

Another necessary requirement is that a caregiver migrant should be free from the security, medical and criminal records. He must have a valid job offer from the Canadian employer. The work of the caregiver should be clearly mentioned in the employment contract and it should clearly state the type of work expected from the caregiver.

Moreover, Canada live in caregiver enjoys certain benefits. It’s there right to get the transportation cost from his hometown to the Canadian work place. Medical insurance along with the life safety is mandatory till the time he is employed at his work. The fees or any other extra expenses which is due to an agent or third party are paid by the employer.

Apart from these the job duty, working hours, remuneration, accommodation, sick leaves and rules and regulations regarding termination of the work should be clearly stated in the employment deed.

To sum-up in few words, caregiver are those special helpers who render their services for helping the needy people. Canada live in caregiver is a sure- shot gate pass to enter into the nation and grab the PR after successfully working for two years.

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