Tips to Job Interviews How to Appear

Tips to Job Interviews How to Appear

Job interviews : Job interview is one of such occasions that need extra attention in case of dress, knowledge, etiquette and other tiny things. Most of the people think that knowing a lot of things or having a sound mark sheet will help them to get a job easily. But unfortunately a job interview is much more beyond only the bookish knowledge.

There are few things which can make a big difference to your 15-30 minutes interaction between hiring managers. The preparation should start from the moment you get a call from your employer and set up an interview time. From that very moment your preparation must start for the big day. Here we share some of the important tips that you must keep in mind before and during the job interview.

Job interviews

  1. Find out details on the company, your employer and managers

Before you heading to the interview, make sure to research well about the company, their profile and other details. You must be well equipped about the place you are going to appear for your interview. If the website and the companies social media platforms don’t have sufficient information, you can always do an address lookup to hopefully fill in the missing gaps. This way you will be confident that you are prepared for your interview.

  1. Make sure to have a clear Social media appearance

Today in the era of social media, employers do research well on the expected candidates before meeting them personally for an interview. They keep on their eyes in your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. You must clean your public as well as private profiles to avoid their scrutiny.

  1. Revise general interview Q&A

You can find and revise some of the general interview questions that every employer asks. This may help you to face tricky and difficult questions in your interview. It is not always bookish knowledge that are asked in any interview sometimes, rather most of the time people ask tricky questions to test the candidate.

  1. Dress appropriately

Dress is the main thing here. Never forget that your appearance would be the first thing that people will notice. If you are properly dressed you will get a brownie point here. Pick up any formal colour and dress up all formally. No jeans, no round neck t-shirts would work in your interview.

  1. Reach the place on time

Be on time always. If you are asked to come at 10.30am, be there at least 10 minutes before but not 10 seconds late. Being punctual makes a lot difference in your personality test.

  1. First impression should be good

Everyone knows that your first impression is said to be your last impressions. You are in nice dress, well qualified but you don’t have etiquette or good behaviour then your marks will be deducted. Try to impress them but not foolishly.

  1. Be confident, clear and to the point

You must know that your employers do not have the entire day to listen to you. Keep your answers shorten and to-the-point. Be confident when you answer your questions even when you know the answer might be wrong, say it confidently and clearly.

  1. Be focused

Don’t talk rubbish or anything out of the context. If you don’t know the answer, admit it in a positive way but never say gibberish to fill the silence. It only makes them irritated and bored.

  1. Careful about your body language, don’t fumble

Body language is something that brings your personality in front foot. Like if you are wearing a dress that you’re not comfortable in. Then it can be shown through your body language. Be careful about expressing yourself through your body language. When you talk to your hiring managers try to be calm and patient, don’t fumble with any objects.

  1. Greet the employers and seek permission before you seat

Always seek permission before you enter the room and before you take your seat. As soon as you enter, greet the employers like hello, hi, good morning and such, shake hands and ask whether you can take seat or not.

  1. Let your employer know what is on your mind

When you are asked analytical questions such as mathematical calculations it will be better to think aloud. Like whatever calculations you are doing just murmur them in front of them to let them know what is on your mind. Silent for few seconds and suddenly mouth your answer – a big no to this gesture.

  1. Don’t be negative

Negative answer in any interview has negative impacts only. Even if you don’t have any clue about the answer just say something tricky to make up that. But never use words like no, i don’t know, i don’t care etc.

  1. Ask questions

It is important to ask questions. Even when your hiring manager has already explained you about their company and your pay in details still do have some intelligent questions to ask after your interview session is over. Being interactive makes your personality grow and of course employers get impressed by this.

  1. Sell yourself properly

During the interview you must make sure that you are going to sell yourself here. So sell yourself properly. Get the best out of the interview and close the deal on a positive note. Again you need to be confident enough to bid for yourself.

  1. Personally Thank them or drop a thank you email

After you finish the interview make sure to thank them whether you felt good or bad. Finish it with a good and smiling note. Even drop a thank you mail in your employers’ mail box and say how you gained so much knowledge after talking to them.

Overall Tips

Do’s Don’ts
Thoroughly research on the company Fumble with any object like pens/paper/paper weight
Dress properly Be confused while answering
Be on time Be negative
Greet them Speak aloud/ harshly
Seek permission before you enter/seat/leave Overdress

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