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Technological Play in Smartphone Applications for

Battery Monitoring and Exciting Fun Camera Applications

Smartphone Applications: In the earlier times, cell phones on a completely charged battery will withstand for three days or more of continuous use. Now, smartphones have come equipped with excellent battery hogs. It is due to the ultra-detailed touch screen, sensors and GPS. Power saving and battery monitoring applications can solve this, enabling the users to achieve monitoring the changing state of their smartphone and also optimize the device setting to decrease the power usage and improve the battery life. There are some popular iOS and Android power saving and battery monitoring applications being utilized by the smartphone users.

Smartphone Applications
Smartphone Applications

Most excellent Battery Monitoring Applications to Enhance Endurance:

Battery doctor is one of the feature-packed energy-saving and battery monitor saving tools for mobile devices. This application enables users to look up the charge status of the battery quickly and also track down to check what processes and application are draining the battery life. It is also possible to quickly toggle the power hogging settings within the application and the associated widgets, like wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile data power saving files.

The iOS version as well includes few power optimization tools, although not as improved as the Android version, while also providing the weather forecast. The other prevalent power saving and battery monitor android application is DU battery saver and widget that comes with a comfortable control widget as well as single touch power optimization. The application also comes with comfortable smart presets for battery life saving, with the choice of creating user-defined modes and also charge state monitor of the batter and tools for looking at the application power usage.

Battery widget

Battery widget reborn is another application that offers users with an exciting configurable battery widget which comes out with some power saving tools and extras on the side. The application also sports neat blue Holo theme that can even be used on older devices by means of Holo everywhere library. It includes a charge dial in a circular form and a graphical representation of change over time and also power estimates, Bluetooth, power control for wi-fi, application synch and options of common energy-saving.

Night mode enables the user to schedule aeroplane mode automatically for your device that can save battery life. Juice defender application still remains as a popular for many in the Google store, particularly who are looking for android battery saving the application. The application comes out with comfortable battery saving presets for achieving single touch power optimization, mobile data, battery widgets and wifi toggles.

Android settings

While the menu of android settings delivers users with certain insight about battery status and amount of energy in use, the technically oriented user can attain far more inclusive information with the application called battery stats. This application is exclusively suited for rooted android phones. Especially, it is ideal for tracking those apps that execute the partial wakelocks, which can prevent the device form getting the power saving sleep mode. BBS aids users to spot problematic applications and possess knowledge base for the users to find out how to remove or reduce particular wakelocks.

Fun Camera Applications for Sony Xperia in the Google Store For Free

Sony has recently released the AR fun realty camera application that is available in the Google play store for free download. It is one of the nice applications to play around and have fun with videos and images. The user can include text as well as animations on what they look through the camera lens.

A varying number of options are accessible including various font colours, sizes and AR animations. It can be downloaded from google play right now. Along with the launch of improved and brand new range of Xperia devices, a wide array of interactive, user-friendly and fun camera application has also been released to aid users in getting better camera experience on their Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 tablet compact and Xperia Z3 compact.

AR application

With the added fun, the new AR application is designed to give more effects to make the user occupied during their leisure time. Along with fun themes which makes the photos to get life in the AR effect application, the AR fun has now included the capability to interact with animation that the users throw or drawn on the screen.

Whether it is throwing paint on your friends or doodling on walls or utilizing motion controls to get a virtual spray, this AR fun app allows the user to let their inner child create a consequence-free mess. The feature of the sound photo takes the user back in time to the instant they took memorable pictures by capturing shorts that burst into audio from the moment before the user take a photo till a few seconds then.


Selfies are becoming a completely new look with the brand new face in the application of camera that enables the user to take photos by means of back as well as front camera of Xperia z3 series. The user can include their reaction to pictures taken on the roller-coaster or can use the front-facing camera to identify you to and other two friends to add to the beautiful scenery.

The user can pick from multiple settings for additional flexibility in how it fits the photo.  Movie creator app on Xperia z2 enabled the user to trim the starting as well as endpoints of the video file so that they can get right away to the action. This movie creator application adds the capability to create highlight reels automatically from the videos and images stored in the album. The application selects videos and movies automatically from the collection and enables the user to choose one of the five themes and one among the five pre-loaded tracks.

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Automatic mode

In the automatic mode, the AR fun camera application pairs with face recognition technology of Sony and the smart AR engine to be able to detect 3D environments and faces and includes virtual AR objects to the image. This application is getting positive replies on google play from users with 4.7 rating. Sony has planned for plenty of exciting application in the pipeline and thus watch over for updates on blogs or websites and enjoy using it.

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