20 Tips to corrective makeup tricks

Tips to corrective makeup tricks

So many makeup tricks make way to your life, but still, you are confused with as to what should be entered into makeup so that besides looking modest you look beautiful too. Many tricks and tips make individual seems pretty, but it very much depends on various factors and to achieve the target follow the tag line of “slow and steady, wins the race.”

It’s not spending 2 hours of tired sitting in the parlor’s just the matter of correcting the unfavorable points and highlighting the best features. Here are some of the makeup tricks and after reading them, you may feel as for why you had not followed them in earlier years

corrective makeup tricks
corrective makeup tricks
  • For useful mascara application– You may be suffering from the problem of fewer eyelashes, and while targeting attractive eye look you may be feeling the problem of highlighting it, but, at this point, you have to tackle this problem then the wooden spoon is what you need most at this time. Place this spoon under your eyelashes, and then apply mascara. It will give proper definition to your lashes without messing your facial skin.
  • Correct application of blush on– Your face won’t be clearly defined if you have not applied blush correctively. For its use, you need to read your face as to what type of look you have such as, round, oval, plump, etc. The right application of blush will not only highlight your prominent features, whereas it will soften those areas which are not so noticeable.
  • Scotch tape– Now this wonder you as for how to use the scotch tape in makeup procedure. It can prove to be your most handy tool while applying eyeliner. While targeting ‘cat eye’ or some bold looks you need to be very particular with your eyeliner application. Place scotch tape over the area where you don’t want your eyeliner. Remove it after applying liner. This will give an elegant and precise application.
  • Under eye bags– These bags undoubtedly spoils the entire makeup and stunning look. Try to rectify them by applying the correct technique. Try to highlight the crease and then apply a darker shade of on to the puffy area. You must be applying concealer till now to hide this pillow. Try this trick next time.
  • Emphasize your eyes– Eyes being the center of attraction of the face need to be tackled carefully as it is going to either make or destroy the complete look. Focus on the placements of highlights. This will help create magic with your eyes and give a stunning look to your eyes. Start with lighter shades which should be applied at the inner corners, middle areas and under the brow bone. Always start with applying light tones and then moving to darker shades.
  • Cumbersome mascara– Mascara tends to get lumpy as it dries very quickly. Now how to handle this situation. Application of mascara no doubt gives an attractive look but now when you are getting ready for a party what to do? Don’t panic, put 1-2 drops of any eye drops into and rub the wand. It will come out as soft and smooth just like your new mascara.
  • Work upon your lips– After eyes, its lips which are the prominent feature of any makeup. Before applying lipstick, use a baby toothbrush to remove the dead skin. Or go for a homemade exfoliate made with sugar and a little bit of coconut oil. Don’t forget to cover your lips with petroleum jelly before scrubbing.
corrective makeup tricks
corrective makeup tricks

Apart from makeup, it’s the skin which plays an essential role in beautifying your facial beauty. Work upon your skin and see the fantastic results. Try homemade skin care products to protect yourself from after effects of any skin care products. These products are natural so are free from any side effects. For your referral here are few skin recipes which you should follow-

  • Nourishing mask– Almond, and honey both are known for their nutritional value. Make use of both of these to take good care of your skin. Grind almonds to a paste, mix it with honey and apply onto your face. Remove after 15 minutes.
  • Aloe Vera scrub– Aloe Vera is known for its anti-bacterial and healing quality. Mix it with oatmeal to make a perfect scrub for oily skin.
  • Citric fruits– All citric fruits like orange and lemons are good for oily skin. Either consume or apply both ways will enormously benefit the skin. Make your masks and packs by combining these citreous juices with honey or oatmeal, fullers earth and see the difference.
  • Make your face wash– Mix Liquid castile soap with water and use it daily as a face wash.
  • Natural makeup remover– Most of you must be having coconut oil or baby oil at home. Use any of these to get your face clean and clear after heavy makeup.
  • Face scrub– Mix sugar crystals brown or white with coconut or baby oil. Apply it onto your entire body and with circular movements make the dead skin from body drop out. Baking soda can also be used as an exfoliating agent while cleaning oily skin.
  • Rosewater– Rose water is another useful product which proves helpful in cleaning the body. Use it to make a thin paste of fuller earth or besan. Apply it onto your face and wash it after 15 minutes.
  • Bananas– Bananas are not only regarded as suitable for health they are also useful for the skin as well. Mash a ripe banana properly and apply it to your skin. Wash it after sometimes; it will help in tightening your facial skin leaving it flawless and attractive. So next time when you eat a banana keep a little portion of for your skin.
  • Turmeric– Turmeric is another excellent ingredient which lies in every kitchen and is known for its healing property. Use a little bit of it in your face packs. It will not only hide the blemishes but also help in making your skin look
  • Raw milk– Another homemade skin product is raw milk. When you buy milk and before boiling it apply it on to your face and neck. Remove it after some time. You will see that your face is cleaned and it helps in removing black and whiteheads as well.
homemade skin care: corrective makeup tricks
corrective makeup tricks

Oily skin is one of the most problematic skins which always call for more look after as it tends to pop up acne and pimples every now and then. It’s not that oily skin is bad whereas one of the astounding features of this skin is that it keeps wrinkles away for a long time, but you have to handle the problem of a pimple and acne by adapting these trails-

Oily skin

  • Wash your face twice with glycerin soap which will help in cleaning the dirt and germs which lays background of pimples and acne.
  • Eat protein enriched food. Add more green vegetables to your diet.
  • Make sure that your skin does not produce more of oil. Restrict it by avoiding fried and spicy food.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and too much fat and sugar.

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