Tips for Health and beauty

Health and beauty are the two sides of the same coin which goes with each other. A healthier person will look beautiful and attractive as he/she is free from any ailments. We are often miss guided by our far and distant relatives who are always ready with numerous tips, and I am sure they must not have followed them. An old belief says “listen to everyone, but do what your heart says” this should be followed throughout the life if one wished to live a happy and contented life.

Health and beauty
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You must have come across with people who look much younger than their age, and you must be wondering as to what pattern they are following. Nevertheless, it’s a right combination of exercise and eating habits which they have adapted in their life which has brought laurel to them.

As the age increases, health problems increase as well. Apart from following annual health checkups, one should not forget to keep control on salt, sugar and oil intake once he turns 40. Here are few health tips which will lay the red carpet for beauty and force it to come spontaneously

Reduce intake of salt-

Excess salt intake will no wonder hike up your blood pressure which is not good for any heart. All the eatables which are high on sodium should be avoided like pickles, packed foods etc. To remain on the safer side, one should get their BP checked every 6 months especially the people who belong to the family of hypertensions. Early signs of hypertension are not visible but are exactly equivalent to slow poison. Take good care of your health so that it pays you back in the long run.

Decrease sugar consumption-

Food rich in sugar and carbohydrates is health’s worst enemies. It will not only give rise to increased sugar levels but also results in putting on a few pounds. Weight once gained is not easy to shed off. It calls for long term workouts with extra control over eating habits. It is good to keep weight under control. Excessive weight will attract ample health problems which will only deteriorate the condition.

Less oil intake-

Apart from sugar and salt, oil is that vital ingredient which should be cut short. Go for grilled or boiled vegetables instead of fried and deep fried eatables. Increase good cholesterol and decrees bad cholesterol. Avoid oily food as it will give rise to problems like heartburn, acidity etc.

Health and Beauty
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Eating habits very much keep checking on the weight measurement. Maintain ideal body weight to live healthier, smarter and fitter life. The irony of common diseases is that where they are hard to treat, are easy to prevent Always Target prevention of diseases, so you don’t have to treat them. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Your face is the mirror image of your beauty. If you are a person of good health, you will be a more beautiful and active person. One cent for all target health, beauty comes itself.

A healthy person can look beautiful

Have you ever seen a person who is gorgeous but not healthy? Only a healthy person can look beautiful because he is free from ailments and this makes him happy. This happiness is seen on the face of the person. Healthy people are full of energy and life and set an example in front of other people. But if health is not rightly met people have to follow jewellery ways of looking beautiful.

No doubt, inner beauty is reflected from the face, but upsurge by proper makeup. Vision cannot be achieved in a day; it takes time. In the trails of beauty, patience plays an important role. Start following tricks today to see beautiful results tomorrow.  Let’s start with following those beauty secrets which makes every woman look like a Cinderella or Snow White. Beauty paths can be targeted through two ways, i.e. daily and monthly practices.

Health and Beauty
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Daily practices –

In daily practice what you should follow is the three steps of CTM which means cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Face should be cleaned twice a day with a mild face wash depending on your skin type. People with oily skin should frequently wash their face with water to keep it clean and dirt free. After cleaning its toning which helps in tightening the pores which are exposed due to cleaning. And to keep wrinkles and ageing lines at bay, don’t forget to use moisturiser. Moisturizer will hydrate your skin and keep away the wrinkles.

Monthly practices –

When you are targeting a complete beauty package, make sure nothing is left out. Your monthly methods include facial, waxing, body spa, hair trimming etc. face is not the only part of your body which should look attractive. It’s your complete body which should look beautiful. Pay attention to other parts of the body as well. Get your hair trimmed every month if not able to get it done after 15 days.

A facial helps in rejuvenating the facial skin and spa adds life to your skin. Ample facial kits are available in the market which can be purchased according to your skin type or only look for your beautician’s help. Remove unwanted hair from your body and get a supple and smooth look. Get your hand and feet manicured and pedicured once in a month to fill them with life and to shed dead skin from them. A regular pedicure will help in keeping your feet soft and crack and germ-free.

Beauty and makeup

After this its beauty and makeup which will make you look more stunning. A well-done hairdo is like half of the work done. So always try to make your hairstyle which suits you the most. Once you get it rightly done, you are half done with your makeup. Then it’s your face that makes the complete difference.

Never indulge in excessive makeup. “Too many cooks spoil the broth” rightly fits while applying makeup. Makeup should highlight the prominent features of the face and subdue the subtle areas. Focus should be paid on lips and eyes which are the two main features of any face. By working on both of these, you are surely going to grab an attractive and glamorous look. Apart from makeup here are few other tips which should not be missed out

  • Do not put on heavy jewelry if you are wearing heavy apparel or saree.
  • Go for matching nail paints.
  • Match your purse with your high heels.
  • Create a define look in your makeup like Smokey, cat –eye etc.
  • Adapt new techniques of fashion like hair colour, nail art or hair art.
  • To create the difference, go ethnic- wear an ethnic dress with matching accessories.

Last but not least, never follow fashion blindly. Wear what suits you, after all, it is to beautify you and make you look more attractive, good enough to steal the show. The Golden mantra at the end is if you are not happy with your makeup or looks; just remove one of any accessories which you are carrying. You are completely ready to move out of the house with a confident and beautiful look.

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