Tips to Know Before Going for a Laser Eye Surgery

Tips to Know Before Going for a Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery: It is human nature to be certain about what to expect before we get involved in any kind of activity. Many people would ask from friends, relatives or pay a visit to a professional to get an assurance that what they are about to do will bear positive results. It is important to do this for it eliminates doubt and builds a sense of confidence.

Surgery is one of those things that everyone would love to be reassured about. You would not want to be in a dear in the headlights kind of a situation when it comes to issues dealing with your own well-being. It is important to have some information of what to expect before stepping into the surgery room. That is exactly what this article is going to share with you.

Apart from the normal information you get from the doctor and the cost of the surgery, this is what you are supposed to expect when you undergo a laser eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery
Laser Eye Surgery

There Are Extra Costs for Medication

Depending on where you are going to have your surgery administered it is important to know that the eye drops that are supposed to be administered before and after the surgery are not covered in the procedure. This might come as a shocker to you but it is better to know this before-hand so that you can include that in the budget as well to avoid any sort of inconveniences. The extra cost might set you back a few hundred pounds.

The Use of Anaesthetics

When one hears about surgery, your mind goes straight to scalpels, stitches and some blood. This procedure is actually very fast and convenient and there is no scalpel or stitches involved. They apply the anesthetic into the eye and it numbs the eye’s surface and the surrounding region, then the laser is guided to the area of concern and it performs the surgery with extreme accuracy.

The Procedure Is Rather Quick and Painless

The whole procedure takes place in under twenty minutes. The surgery is performed when you are awake. You may anticipate pain but the whole procedure is rather surprisingly painless. This is because there is no involvement of opening up the eye or stitching.

Improved Vision Almost Immediately

After the surgery, the patient may have improved visibility almost immediately compared to having to wait for a pair of prescription glasses to be made at the opticians. That is simply a marvel of science. Laser eye surgery has a high positive outcome compared to other traditional surgeries.


Many people avoid using pain medication after minor surgeries but it is important to use them as administered by the doctor. Even though the surgery is painless, that does not mean the recovery will not have its fair share of discomforts and that is why the doctor administers the pain medication. The discomfort kicks in after the anesthetic starts wearing off, there will be an urge to rub your eye but that will be wrong instead just take your pain medication as prescribed and this will help subdue the irritation.

Sensitivity to Light

As your eye heals and it starts adjusting to light in a way it hasn’t before you will feel irritations and the light may at times be too bright to handle. This makes you have an urge to rub your eye but there is an easy way out of this, you can use a plastic eye patch, by simply taping it over your eye. This will protect it from your urges to rub it. It is important to have dark sunglasses too to avoid direct sunlight especially when you are out of the house.

Lengthy Eye Drop Prescription

You will have to handle the lengthy periods of time that you will be applying eye drops. The eye drops are supposed to be adhered to the letter. Missing an application may alter the healing process, which is something you would want happen. It is important to stick to the eye drop prescription for as long as the doctor recommends it.

Follow-up Check-ups

Even after the surgery you will have to go back to your doctor for check-ups. The doctor will be tracking your recovery from time to time to ensure the eye is healing well and there is no danger of any infection.

Take Sick Leave If Needed

From the day of the surgery, it is important to break from your normal routine and take a week or so to recover and then start moving back slowly into your normal routine.

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