6 Tips To Make Your Mehndi Colour Darker

Henna or mehandi has a lot of significance in Hindu culture. It is considered as very auspicious. Woman of all age groups love to apply mehandi on their hands. On special occasions and festivals, the mehandi designers’ shops are crowded with girls and women who want to get mehandi design on their hands. The Indian bridal makeup is incomplete without it. Designers make intricate patterns with henna that look extremely beautiful. After drying up, mehandi leaves saffron like colour on skin.

Tips To Make Your mehndi Colour Darker

Every girl wants her mehandi to leave dark colour on her skin. In some girls the mehandi colour turns out to be darker without much effort. This is due to the fact that mehandi gets darker when your skin is warm. Some people naturally possess warm skin. The more warmth you give to your henna, the darker it will turn. For those, who do not have naturally warm skin, there are ways to get darker mehandi colour. Here are some of the tips for you, if you want your mehandi to look its best.

  • Use good quality mehandi

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It is always better to use the natural mehandi prepared at home. Some people like to prepare mehandi in iron vessel and leave it overnight for darker tone. Some people also like to prepare mehandi with tea. For this, you can boil some tea leaves in 2 cups of water. Leave it to get back to room temperature. Strain the tea leaves and use the water to soak mehandi powder. It gives darker colour to mehandi. If you cannot prepare your mehandi, ask the mehandi designer to use good quality mehandi.

  • Keep it on your skin for longer time period

bridal mehndi designs

Leaving your mehandi overnight is the best option. The longer you will keep your mehandi design on your skin, the darker it will get. 12 hours is the ideal time to keep the design. If the time doesn’t allow you, at least keep it for 2 hours.

  • Wrap the design

Once your mehandi is a little drier, you can wrap your hands to get dark stain. It is best to let the professional do the wrapping. You may accidently spoil the design. If you are leaving the design overnight, it is best to wrap it carefully.

  • Apply lemon and sugar mixture on mehandi

 A mixture of lemon and sugar is excellent to get richer and vibrant mehandi colour. Boil a teaspoonful of sugar in water. Allow it to cool. Add half lemon juice on it. Now take a cotton bud and gently dab the mixture on your mehandi once it dries up. Every time the mehandi dries, dab the mixture. Do it a couple of times for darker colour.

latest mehndi designs 2022
latest mehndi designs 2022
  • Clove fumes

In a pan heat some cloves. Lower the flames and keep your hand a few inches over the pan. Make sure that the distance is enough to not burn you. Let the clove fumes reach your mehandi. It will give your mehandi a nice and dark colour.

Indian Mehndi Designs Hands
Indian Mehndi Designs Hands
  • Carefully remove the design

Do not wash the mehandi with soap and water. In fact, avoid using water for next 6 to 7 hours. Preferably 12 hours. Some people suggest rubbing your hands together to remove the dried mehandi. You can do that. However, if you want a neat design, you can use a blunt iron knife. With the knife, slowly and carefully remove parts of mehandi design.

Some do’s & don’ts for getting darker mehandi colour

Do’s Don’ts
Wash your skin with soap and water before applying mehandi. Don’t use water to remove the mehandi from your skin. Soap and water will diminish the colour.
Apply eucalyptus oil on your skin before applying mehandi design. Do not wax or shave your skin after applying mehandi. It will remove the parts of mehandi from the skin.
Save the design from smudging. Do not sit under direct sunlight while applying mehandi.
Apply balm or eucalyptus oil after removing mehandi and leave overnight. Don’t use dryer to quickly dry your mehandi. Let it dry naturally.

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