Tips to market yourself on Twitter

Tips to market yourself on Twitter

Twitter Marketing: Social media has made it extremely easy to get connected to people from all over the world. Whether you are a businessman or an individual looking to make yourself popular social media platforms can be used quite effectively to market yourself. Twitter is one of the great ways to reach out to people and create an identity. There was a time when sending email was the only way to connect to people. However, things have changed completely and with social media platforms like Twitter, you have much wider reach.

Twitter Marketing 

Marketing your brand or skills is much easier than before thanks to Twitter and other social media tools. But Twitter definitely stands out. With just 140 characters at your disposal, there is so much you can do. Here are some of the best ways to market yourself on Twitter. 

 The Very Basics

 If you want to make an impact, getting started will be extremely important. You will need to do a few things to create an identity through your marketing strategies. However, taking care of the basics first is crucial. Here are a few things you will definitely want to pay a lot of attention to:


  • Username: Choosing the right username is a very important first step. If you are a brand, your username should be able to identify it. If you are promoting yourself as an Individual, make sure that the username is either something very catchy or identifies your name. Even if you are not using the real username, make sure that your profile name is real.


  • Profile Picture: Your profile picture should again identify you or your business. As an individual, it is best to have your original photograph. However, if you don’t want to upload your photograph, make sure that profile picture identifies you clearly. Do not use copyrighted or fake photographs.


  • Header/Cover Photo: Every social media platform now has the feature called header or cover photo. The header photo should be impactful and relevant to you as an individual or to your business that you are trying to market.


  • Background: Most of the people usually overlook the background. However, it could be more powerful than the header or cover photo. Create a background that sends out the right message to the viewers. It should be able to define you as an individual.


Effectively using re-tweets, replies, and favorites

If you have been using Twitter for a while, you will know how important these three aspects are. It is important to manage the re-tweets, replies, and favorites effectively to create more impact. 

  • Re-tweets: Re-tweets are one of the best ways to tell your followers that you care and you are listening to them. This creates a very good impression. But you will need to choose the re-tweets carefully. You will not want to flood your Twitter wall with the Tweets and re-tweets. If there is lots of stuff on your wall, people will not be able to focus on the main message. Too many tweets will also cause people to unfollow you. Re-tweet the posts that are relevant to your business or you as an individual.


  • Replies: Replies on Twitter are also extremely important. They keep your followers engaged. The user engagement builds great rapport and helps you achieve more followers. This, in turn, makes your marketing more effective. Since you have to reply within 140 characters, make sure that your replies are succinct and yet meaningful.
  • Favourites: Marking certain Tweets as favorites is a great way to draw attention to your profile. But ‘star’ a Tweet only if you really like it.

Keep it completely professional

 If you are promoting yourself as an individual, you might be tempted to have the same account for personal as well as professional use. While it may have worked for some people, for most of the people it fails. While marketing yourself, your intent is to promote your skills or certain traits of personality. Posting pictures of having lunch with your family may not do much good. 

Post regularly

 People have a short attention span. Even if one of your posts gets liked immensely, it doesn’t mean that people will keep revisiting you. You will need to post regularly to remain in their conscious and subconscious mind. Keep reminding people that you still exist. There should be at least 3-4 relevant Tweets every day. 

The right content

The quality of the content matters a lot. If you want to market yourself successfully pay special attention to the quality of the content. Remember that you have only 140 characters to speak your mind. Therefore, brevity will be an art you will want to master. However, there is a workaround. If you need to say more words than what can be accommodated within 140 characters, you can use an image with typography instead. 

Humour and Entertainment

It is a known fact that the posts that are humorous and have the capacity to entertain people become more popular. Therefore, humor should be one of the primary focuses of your content. Since it is your professional account, it is important to give the content due thought before posting. 

Keep it relevant

What is it about you that you want to market? Always ask this question before posting anything. For instance, if you are a stand-up comedian, you will want to let the people know you are skilled. So, you can post your video gigs frequently.

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