Tips and tools of social media marketing

Tips and tools for social media marketing: Know how to use it

Social media marketing: One of the best ways of market your business is the social media platform. People from all over the world will know you and your business in just a few clicks or while chatting with their best friend. From Face, book, Twitter to LinkedIn and other platforms – all have been giving a great platform to endorse your business. It is inevitable that with social media you can target a much broader audience than in other marketing strategies.

However to become a social media marketer you need to be quick and technologically sound to use such social media tools. The world is changing with each passing moment and so does the social media platforms. It is easier to talk about social media marketing, but of course, it is difficult to implement the plans. Many of the start-ups have seemed to be failed because they took a wrong decision while making social media marketing plans. Here are some of the basic tips that you can follow:

Social media marketing
Social media marketing
  1. Make a plan before you start endorsing your business

If you think that posting anything regarding your business on Facebook will make your business grow overnight. Then you’re wrong. Just like any other business plan, you must create a social media marketing plan before you start endorsing your company.

  1. Create social media channel strategy

In social media channel strategy, you need to make a blueprint of what you are going to do. Like selection of channel e.g. Twitter, set a targeted audience, create images/videos to post, make humorous or engaging contents, create a general post, set up a comparative analysis that says how many people are getting impacted by twitter posts and how many are by other platforms and keep posting them on regular basis.

  1. Set your targeted audience

Before you start on this social media marketing, you need to set your targeted audience. Like what kind of people will be interested in your business or on which part of the world you need to endorse your brand. It is necessary to know who is going to pay attention to your company.

  1. Write long and engaging posts

Millions of posts are posted on various social media platforms regularly. To make your post highlighted you need to post a unique and of course engaging posts. Write longer posts to put as much as information you can. You can also create humorous and sarcastic posts to gain more readers.

  1. Use multiple social network platforms

Don’t stick to any particular platform. Use various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other social media sites to post your contents.

  1. Post relevant contents on the regular basis

Don’t stop posting materials at any point in time. Keep posting your materials on a regular basis. Even if you are not ready with high contents, post small contents to microblogs. But keep posting the relevant contents on a regular basis to get high traffic in your website.

  1. Hit the multiple time zones

Time management is essential in this marketing strategy. You need to be more conscious about the different time zone in different parts of the world. Make sure you keep posting your contents on different time zones so that people can see your posts even when you are sleeping.

  1. Use as many as images and post them on a regular occasion

Places like Twitter which has restricted word counts to 140 only are the hardest platform to send your post. Instead of using long posts send a bunch of images. In this case, you can use Instagram as well.

  1. Make Facebook groups

If you find a bunch of people on your FB profile who are interested in your business, then make an open group with them. Invite as many as friends and friends of friends to join you there.

  1. Use Hash-tags to highlight your posts

Use hashtags to highlight the trendy topics that are related to your business. If you are a camera manufacturer, don’t forget to hash-tag photography in your posts.

  1. Make a reful Linked-in connection

Have a profile on Linked-in and make exciting and ingenious professional connections there. It will not only help you to market your business but also helps it to grow further.

  1. Use microblog platforms

Microblog platforms such as Google+ and Pinterest can also be a big platform to promote your business. Twitter is also said to be a microblogging site, but it has become a massive platform than the other two. But this should not stop you from posting your contents on these platforms too.

  1. Publish social ads to gain more traffic

We often see social ads on the right side of our Facebook homepage. They are nice, isn’t it? Publish your ad there too to attract your visitors to like and share your page. Also through social ads, you can gain more re-tweets on Twitter and shares on Facebook.

  1. Change your logo design consistently

It can be monotonous and annoying to see the same ad now and then. To change this dull view of your ad you can change the banner or logo design of the ad more often to make it look different and exciting.

  1. Use different formats and different language on different posts

If you are planning to attract the audience from all over the world, or even from a specific part of the world you can use different language and formats in your contents. Even if you are not familiar with different languages take help from translators and make a post that contains some other language. Also, it looks one of its kind when you use different formats in your posts.

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