Tips for using Pinterest for Business

Tips for using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is yet another social media that has evolved as a strong marketing platform for business. According to studies and surveys Pinterest grabs 22% of American users whereas Twitter could manage to bag only 19%. It is said to be the fastest growing platform since the year 2014. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in and other social networking sites are being used as the leading marketing platforms since quite a long time.

PinterestHowever in recent past Pinterest has grown up to 97% which is quite a wide margin from the rest of the social media sites in making a strong platform for business marketing. A lot of people are still not aware of the tips and tricks of this micro site Pinterest and get confused while using it. But as per the study, Pinterest, among all others, is one of a kind and easy platform to use. Here are some of the tips that can be useful while using pinterest for your business.

  1. Create an account

Before starting up you need an active account on Pinterest. So as the first step create a pinterest account. It can be personal or can be a business account. However you can always convert your personal account into a business one.

  1. Create Boards

Once you have done with sign-up process, you will need to create the boards on which you will pin up your posts. While using pinterest for business it is mandatory to post several details about your business in a regular interval. So boards in this case will help you to publish your posts. Pin as much as details you can on your boards and gain large followers.

  1. Customise your boards

Once you are done with the boards’ creation, you can customise it by uploading different cover images. Try to upload your company images and logo pictures as your cover photo. You can also add cover title on the image to let people know what your business is all about.

  1. Add Pins

Pins are needed to add posts to your boards. You can easily add your pin on your created boards. If you want to pin your own documents or contents click on the + sign you will get on the top of the page to add pins from website or from your own computer on your boards.

  1. Added to Categories

Title is very important in Pinterest. It has to be easy and simple so that people can find it in trending categories. As for example, add “photography” to your title so that your posts can be found under the photography category.

  1. Add keywords as titles of the boards

When you add a title to your boards, make sure to add keywords in it. As mentioned that the title is important here to be optimized, you need to be creative and tricky while using your title. If your posts are travel related, instead of plain “travel”, you can go with “walking around the world” or “days with nature” kinds of titles.

  1. Add your Social networking sites with your Pinterest profile

Add your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking profiles or business pages with your pinterest profile. With that you can easily share your boards and posts in your other social networking sites.

  1. Fill your board with company logo and photos

Your boards will be the highlighted part of your pinterest profile. When you are using your pinterest profile for your business then you must have a filled up board. Every time you create a board make sure to fill it up with plenty of images (at least 10). More you add documents and add catchy titles, more followers you will gain for your boards.

  1. Pin your images, newsletters, articles

Pin your business images, newsletters, articles, blogs and etc as much as you can to less popular boards. It will help you to earn more followers to your less-popular boards.

  1. Add a logo or use texts on the images to be shared

Your business related images or blog images that you are sharing can be more attractive. You can make add text on them (like the title of the blog or article) to make it look interesting. It will again help you to gain more followers.

  1. Add pinterest profile with your website

Add your pinterest profile with your website. So that whenever you add anything new to your website, it becomes easier to let people know about it. Pin it to your boards by easy sharing.

  1. Use, find and follow Hash-tags posts

Hash-tags are the latest trends in social media. Of course they are helpful to find trendy and non-trendy topics that are flying all over the internet. You can be one of them too. Use hash-tags in your posts to be optimised. Also you can search and follow other profiles through hash-tags.

  1. Fill the newly created boards with charts and info-graphic

People are too busy to read your long posts today. So why not making it simple yet attractive? Adding colourful charts and info-graphs in your boards make a lot difference to your business profile. Charts like last 5 years’ study of real estate market, revolution of gadgets in last 10 years and such can be pinned to attract more followers.

  1. Re-pin

RE-pin interesting posts and let other people re-pin your posts as well. More your posts will be re-pinned, more traffic your profile will get.

  1. Invite and collaborate with other users and fill your boards

Invite your friends and folks to join you in Pinterest. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you can create a group board here where your folks can pin images, charts, articles and many other documents.


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