‘Today’ Show Star Jenna Bush Hager Asks Hoda Kotb About Joel Schiffman

‘Today’ Show Star Jenna Bush Hager Asks Hoda Kotb About Joel Schiffman in New Segment

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Haguh had the most candid conversation about life in quarantine with loved ones on the Today show recently.

A few weeks ago, Hoda’s fiancé, Joel Schiffman, and Jenna’s husband of almost 12 years, Henry Hager, were brought up during a discussion about finding your boring and unusual habits in quarantine. From the start, Jenna cheerfully asked if Hoda had noticed “irritating” things about Joel.

'Today' Show Star Jenna Bush Hager Asks Hoda Kotb About
‘Today’ Show Star Jenna Bush Hager Asks Hoda Kotb About
  • During a recent fourth hour Today segment of the show, Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager talked about their partners.
  • Jenna jokingly asked Hoda if there were “irritating” things she had noticed about her fiancé, Joel Schiffman, while she was quarantined with him.
  • Jenna and Hoda called for the fourth hour of the Today in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hoda instantly started laughing before answering. “I’m just trying to find out if the mayor is going to be on New York television to block our show,” Hoda said jokingly as she thought about how she wanted to respond. “No, it’s funny, because, uh, I can’t say.”

While Hoda remained discreet on the subject, Jenna intervened to say that even if she hadn’t noticed anything “irritating” about Henry, she had recently taken note of her husband’s breathing technique.

“I wonder,” Why are you breathing like that? “” Today the co-host said she asked her husband, to which he replied, “‘This is how I breathe.'”

Despite the jokes about their live partners, Hoda and Jenna’s Instagram updates tell us that the two are making the most of living in quarantine with their families. As Jenna previously revealed on the show, she and her daughter Mila did a lot of cooking together. Jenna also continues to lead and follow her ever popular book club – in fact, she recently revealed her May 2020 pick called All the adults here by Emma Straub.

Meanwhile, in addition to co-hosting Today, Hoda is also busy while distancing herself from society. Her social media posts show co-host throwing daughters Haley and Hope an ice cream party, practically celebrating her mother’s birthday, and much more.

Family time can really be the best – quirks and everything.

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