Tools You Need to Build a Website

Tools You Need to Build a Website by Tips Clear

Tools You Need to Build a Website : The internet is home to over 1 billion separate websites. Nowadays, anyone can create their own website with the simple click of a couple buttons. There are many options for web building. Some sites have everything already structured for you, all you have to do is select which format you want. Some of these sites are free, others are not, and the cool features you’re able to choose from usually depend on how much money you’re willing to spend on a certain package.

Tools need to build website
Tools need to build website

If you’re more of a purist and would like to design your website from scratch, this is when things get a little more complicated, and fun. When you build from scratch, it ensures that you get to make your website look exactly as you want it. The problem is that you didn’t go to school to be a coder, and website building is a completely different language. You’ll need some tools in your belt if you want to select this option.

What is a Website?

In order to understand how to build a website, you must first know what a website is in technical terms. Sure, you have a general understanding of what they do, but if you don’t at least vaguely understand the mechanics behind it, you won’t get very far when attempting to build your own from scratch.

Defined, a website is just one or more pages on the World Wide Web that is connected by a single location. A page would be a separate tab on a website. For example, when you go to a website for a retail shop, they’ll have their homepage and 5 or more tabs lining the top that are easy to see. When you click a tab, a dropdown menu will appear providing you with different links that when clicked, will take you to a different page. Obviously we all are very familiar with this, so let’s talk more about the coding aspects of a website.

Coding Made Simple

Thankfully, technology has come a long way in the past decade or so. Coding used to be extremely complex, and everything had to be learned and written from scratch. There weren’t all the cool options we have now days to make websites unique. Today, there are countless programs that make the coding process easy.

If you don’t want to go back to college to learn how to be a computer programmer, there are ways you can learn the basics of programming right from your couch. Do a little research, grab the Coding for Dummies book from your nearest book store, and get to work. If you’re not about putting in all that work, you could make it easy on yourself by just hiring someone to build a website for you.

You could also resort to one of the many sites available that will walk you through the web design process. It might be time consuming, but thanks to all the people out there who went to school for web design and computer programing, you can just click a couple buttons, choose a package and have all the options presented to you in an easy to understand format. It’s your choice.

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