Top 10 Beautiful honeymoon destinations in India

Top 10 Beautiful honeymoon destinations in India

Beautiful honeymoon destinations India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with countless options for honeymooning couples looking for a holiday spot. Whether you are looking for quiet and peaceful relaxation on beaches, or want to fulfill some adventure goals with your partner, the country has it all. There are destinations to suit the tastes of all, and once you start browsing through the options, you’ll definitely not be able to settle on just one. But then, who says you should honeymoon just once?

Planning a lifelong of romantic trips and honeymoons

Go ahead and start planning a lifelong of romantic trips and honeymoons with your partner at some of these popular honeymoon destinations in India:

  1. Goa – The beaches, the long-walks on the sand, the relaxing massages and the endless romantic dances in clubs and shacks will keep you asking for more. Goa is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in India for young couples, because it offers a perfect balance of calm and activity. There are various options for accommodation to suit all kinds of budgets, and you will love the views from the honeymoon suites of some of the resorts.

honeymoon destinations in India

  1. Gulmarg – Snow-clad mountains, for some, are just as romantic as beaches. Cuddle up with your spouse and go for a Gondola ride, or simply walk up to Strawberry Valley and enjoy the scenic views while trying fresh strawberries. The landscape is enough to make you want to stay there, forever, with your loved one. You will also love how the locals like to show you spots where famous Bollywood films were shot!


  1. Udaipur – Known as the “Venice of the East”, the opulence and grandeur of this city will leave you spellbound. The sunrise and sunset views on many of the artificial lakes are breathtaking and the royal treatment in many of the hotels is worth getting addicted to. Enjoy ayurvedic massages, camel rides, and a general feeling of being treated like a royal couple.


  1. Rishikesh – Adventure-loving couples can head straight to Rishikesh, where they will find plenty of activities to indulge in, such as trekking, river-rafting, zip-lining, paragliding and so much more. And once you are done enjoying the thrills of your recent marriage, settle into one of the yoga retreat centers and calm your body and soul.


  1. Mussoorie – A lovely hill-station where you find the perfect blend of scenic views with developing city life. Enjoy walking through the streets and sampling local juices, taking a jump into one of the falls, cable car rides, ice-skating and so much more. You can even stop at Dehradun on the way back to extend your honeymoon just a little, and use it as a lovely transition back to city life.


  1. Kumarakom – Spend quality time with your partner and make endless plans about your future while sitting in a houseboat as a local sails you through the many canals. The backwaters of Kerala give enchanting and alluring views, and a feeling of serenity like no other.
  1. Puri – Awaken your spiritual self with a trip to the famous town of Puri. See the Jagannath Mandir and its popular Rath Yatra (Chariot festival). And once you have sought the blessings of the one above, simply walk along the sandy beaches with your partner and have a good time. It’s a good place to recharge after all the tiring wedding festivities.


  1. Leh & Ladakh – The views are splendid, the weather demands you to be close all the time, the locals are warm and endearing, and the amount of the things you can do together is incredible. For souls who want to combine adventure with a lot of snow, this is the perfect honeymoon destination.


  1. Khajjiar – Often referred to as the “Switzerland of India”, this quaint spot will make you want to settle here forever. The lush green valleys, the cute cottages and wonderful homestays, the views of snowcapped mountains in the distance, and the lovely local temples will all thrill you completely. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the company of your partner in this beautiful place.


  1. Matheran – Matheran is the perfect getaway for couples planning a honeymoon during summers. The pleasant weather all through the year is sure enough motivation to keep revisiting this place. You can enjoy long walks in the forest, enjoy sunset and sunrise views from various points, or sit by the lake to relax, unwind and have long conversations with your partner. Matheran is also surprisingly affordable and has options for all kinds of budgets.

With the development in technology, especially the Internet, it has now become a lot easier for travelers to make their own bookings online, instead of being dependent on agents to do so. You can plan your own accommodations, pre-book activities or day-tours, and take flights as per your convenience; make your honeymoon just the way you’d like it. Honeymooning couples also often get discounts and deals at many places, including some lucky upgrades in flights as well where you might enjoy Business Class or First Class instead of Economy. Always try to make your plans and bookings at least two or three months in advance in order to get the maximum benefit.

Beautiful honeymoon destinations India

Some places are best visited in certain weather conditions, so it is ideal to make your selections based on which months you’re going to be travelling in and what the weather would be like that time at the destination of your choice. A little bit of research on this helps you to plan things better.

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