Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

While all dogs make best friends, some are, uh, more adorable than others. But when it comes to functional intelligence (that is, the next commands), some breeds of dogs stand out from the pack. After interviewing nearly 200 canine obedience judges, psychologist Stanley Coren named these breeds as the most intelligent of the bunch in his book. The intelligence of dogs. The book was published in 1994 and updated in 2006, and remains the reference document on the subject.

And, if you are curious, we have answered some common questions about the IQ of dogs that might scare you. For example, have you ever wondered if large dog breeds are smarter than small dog breeds? Or how yourself determine a dog’s IQ in the first place? All of this is important to know when it comes to classifying the most intelligent dogs. And remember: intelligence is not everything. We have also ranked the best family dogs, the best apartment dogs and the healthiest dogs. It all comes down to the breed that best suits your family and your needs.

What Makes a Dog “Smart”?

Coren assessed the intelligence levels of the races based on their instinct, obedience and adaptability. But pet behavior specialist Sarah Hodgson says it’s all relative. “Some are social and emotionally dependent on people, so they are easier to train and much more receptive to our vision of what to do,” she says. “But they have little intelligence.”

An example is a dog, because although they are not receptive, they have superior senses of sight and smell. Likewise, burrows may not take the lead well, but they have excellent hearing.

Do dogs have an IQ?

Not exactly. As Hodgson explained, “IQ” really depends on the quality you observe. In Coren’s book, you can ask your dog to take an IQ test that he created based on his analyzes. For example, if your dog can learn a new command in less than five repetitions, you can consider him among the Einsteins of puppies.

Are big dogs smarter than small dogs?

This has not been confirmed as a fact, but research suggests that large dogs may be smarter. If you look at this list, you will find that the only little puppy is the butterfly. Coren recently asked this question in a Psychology Today article aptly titled “Are Big Dogs Smarter Than Small Dogs?”

Looking at a study earlier this year, Coren shared: “The data was obtained from 1,888 dogs, and the results were unambiguous. counterparts. ”

Keep in mind, however, that some pet dogs have been bred to have special traits, such as being calm and non-confrontational. Hodgson adds that many small races come from larger races and therefore have drives, instincts and, yes, similar intelligences.

Now let’s talk about our best friends. These are the most intelligent dog breeds, according to Coren. Want a new puppy in your pack? Check out these unique dog names.

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