Top 5 Adventure Sports In Meghalaya That Are Perfect For All In 2020!

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Meghalaya is a place rich in natural landscape and various natural res. The state is still in its raw form with very low population density. This place is full of fresh mountains and very beautiful flora and fauna. It is one of the most beautiful and prosperous states in the northeastern part of the country. Also, popularly called Scotland of India. Due to its richness, the place has a lot to offer in terms of adventure sports. The perfect blend of rivers, water bodies, waterfalls and mountains makes this place a mecca for adventure sports lovers. All up here Adventure Games in Meghalaya That could give a shot at their north eastern escape!

Top 5 Adventure Games in Meghalaya

Here we are sharing the list of best adventure games that you can adopt in Meghalaya. All these games never failed to create thrills and keep the adrenaline among the passengers.

1. Hiking
2. Golf
3. River Valley
4. Trekking
5. Water sports

1. Hiking


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Meghalaya has a mixture of terrain and therefore offers some of the best nature trails through various terrains. You can proceed through the Riverfronts and the Living Root Bridge with Riverfront traversing. This type of hike is specific to Meghalaya and you will never witness such peace of rain forest anywhere else in India. The entire hike is filled with picturesque landscape and you will find various waterfalls, rivers, ridges, forests and valleys on your way. It is recommended that you visit Meghalaya in its dry months which is from November to February so that you can explore all the opportunities of hiking and camping at this place.

place: Kyllang Rock, Sohpet-bneng, and David Scott Trail

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2. Golf


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In Meghalaya you have found a beautiful golf course in Shillong. This can be the best and most beautiful golf course you can see in our entire life. This golf course is now an 18-hole golf course that offers a wide variety of golfing options to its visitors. Also, in a joint effort, the natural beauty of this land is greatly preserved by the state and the locals. You can see cedar trees on the extreme horizon of this golf course. It is one of the oldest golf courses in India and is situated at an altitude of 5200 feet above sea level. People often come here to spend their entire day.

place: Shillong Golf Club

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3. River Valley

River basin

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People in Sohra like to experience the river valley. It is one of the most popular activities of the place after trekking. People who come to Meghalaya even for a day do not falter to experience this activity. People often like to follow the course of the Mad River on their boats, following instructions from their guides. Apart from this, people also spend their time jumping from one boulder to another and plunge into the shallow part of the river. The flow of the river is so high that sometimes you can even take it away. The most preferred time to visit Meghalaya for the river valley is from November to February.

place: Sohra

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4. Trekking



People in Meghalaya especially come to see and experience living bridges. People often forget everything else except the meaning of being in heaven. There is a living root bridge in Meghalaya, which people like to trek and the other is a double decker route bridge in Cherrapunji. More people like the way to proceed than to see the root bridge. This is a one-and-a-half-hour route bridge that you cross to reach the area to see this route bridge.

The path is filled with dense forest and streams of water and you never know what amazing treasure you can find in your way from nature. Another main attraction of the trek is the rainbow waterfall. For this, you may have to schedule your trek in a similar way, as it only appears during the summer afternoons when the waterfall is at its peak and the sun’s rays are cutting in the fall to spread it in seven colors .

place: Tirna Village

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5. Water sports

Water sports

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There are different types of water sports to explore in Meghalaya. A water sports complex is established in Umiam where facilities such as boating, water skiing, angling and canoeing can be enjoyed. There are various types of water sports skiing, sailing, river bus, high-speed boat, speed boat, cruising boat, scooter and pedal boat available at this place. You can also enjoy kayaking here.

This water sports complex is one of the most visited places for activity in Meghalaya and people of all ages visit the facility. Apart from water sports, you can also explore other tourist spots like Loom Nehru Park, where people often like to spend the whole day with their friends and family.

place: Umiam Lakes

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When you are in Meghalaya, apart from developed cities like Shillong, you should also explore the raw beauty of this place. This place has rivers, mountains, waterfalls and forests, which are still untouched by human development. In addition, natural res help you experiment with your limits in terms of practicing different types of adventure sports in Meghalaya. So, if you want to challenge your inner daredevils, plan a trip to Meghalaya and engage in hair raising activities!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Sports in Meghalaya

Q. What is the best time to visit Meghalaya?

a. Meghalaya is a rain region. So to be safe and most able to detect it, one must travel there during its dry months which is from November to February.

Q. How many days should we plan in Meghalaya to experience almost everything?

a. One should plan their itinerary so that you can stay in Meghalaya for at least a week. This is a whole range of treasures from Mother Nature that you need to explore while you are here.

Q. When we are competing for our adventure game in Meghalaya, what should we pack?

a. When you know that you are going for adventure sports, try to bring your track pants, sports shoes and T-shirt. Also, instead of carrying a suitcase, preferably keep your luggage in a bag, which will be easier for you to carry.

Q. How to reach Umiam Lake for water sports?

a. Umiam Lake is about 15 km from Shillong. To reach this place from Shillong you can easily hire cabs and jeeps.

Q. Can we also take our bikes on a trek in Meghalaya?

a. Sometimes you may be allowed to take your adventure sports bike with you on your trek, however, remember that although it will allow you to ride elsewhere, you still have to carry it on your shoulders Can.

Q. What is special about adventure sports in Meghalaya?

a. You will experience nature in its raw form. Adventure sports here are done on real natural res rather than any kind of man-made alternatives.

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