Top 5 Spots For Shopping In Saputara That Are Worth Your Time In 2020!

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Moving to a new place is about sightseeing, food, culture and, of course, shopping spots. Saputara in Gujarat is a destination that caters to all your holiday needs. But, given that this place is quite a small place, not many people know about shopping spots. If you are planning a quick trip to Saputara and want to shop till your heart’s desire, then some amazing places can get you the best deals without compromising on quality. Saputara is known for a wide range of art and artifacts, so if there is something that tempts you, keep reading to learn more about it Shopping in saputara.

Top 5 places to shop in Saputara

As we said, there are many places in Saputara for your shopping needs. Some are just in proximity and some are located far away. But, if you want to taste every kind of item this hill town has to offer, we would suggest you to visit all these places without fail.

1. Gandharpur
2. Ahava Village
3. Kala Kriti Emporium Saputara Gujarat
4. Sumit handicraft
5. Ambapad

1. Gandharpur



For those visitors who turn to tribal art and artifacts, Gandharpur is your heaven on earth. The place is replete with small shops of local artisans specializing in these original tribal artifacts. You can also find some rare and one-of-a-kind pieces from there, which you can take as a souvenir for yourself or a family member or friend. There are good accommodation options nearby that you can book for a cheap rate and stay the night without having to worry about running away through shopping.

place: Gandharpur, Saputara
Time: 10am to 7pm
What to buy: Artifacts and crafts

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2. Ahava Village

Ahava Village


Next on the list of the best shopping spots in Saputara is Ahwa Village. Most tourists find this village so attractive that they stop and just look for a nearby place. In terms of what you can buy, the options are quite wide. But, one thing that comes to the fore is bright and vibrant women’s clothes. Apart from this, Dangi Sari is also a trademark purchase from this village. While you are there, you can see through the wide range of dangi sarees, especially hand-printed patterns.

place: Dangi, Saputara
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
What to buy: Vibrant Women’s Dresses, Doggy Saree

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3. Kala Kriti Emporium Saputara Gujarat

Kala Kriti Emporium Saputara Gujarat


If you like someone who is unique and loves to indulge in one of a kind pieces, then Kal Kriti Emporium Saputara Gujarat is the right place for you. This place is known for its jewels and gems and most importantly, their watches. Apart from pieces of jewelry made of these stones, you can also lay your hands on some costumes, which are popular in Emporium. Most of the jewelry pieces you find are made from scratch by local artists. And the best thing about these pieces is the fact that they are sold at a very nominal rate.

place: Saputara, Gujarat
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
What to buy: Jewelry, watches, apparels

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4. Sumit handicraft

Sumit handicraft


Yet another popular and amazing shopping stop that you need to visit, while Saputara has Sumit handicrafts, located inside the shopping center in Saputara itself. The most popular item there that tourists love is bamboo decorative items. All these crafts are either at home or taken from local artists, ensuring that you are giving back their hard work. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces and objects for your home, there are a wide range of decorative items that you can look forward to. If bamboo does not suit your taste, you also have items made from other raw materials.

place: Shopping Center, Saputara, Gujarat
Time: 9 am to 11:30 am
What to buy: Bamboo decorative items

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5. Ambapad



Ambapada is popular all over the state and country for its bamboo craft. Every single piece of the exhibit has been intricately designed and created by local artisans, helping to maintain the culture within the state. Bamboo lamps and decorative showpieces found in Ambapada are considered as the best option for you. Also, one thing that comes to the fore about this place is that you can stay overnight. They have amazing accommodations available which you can book and ensure a relaxing night that you can stop until you shop.

place: Saputara, Gujarat
Time: 9am to 6pm
What to buy: Bamboo crafts

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If you are planning to visit Gujarat and are looking for shopping spots, we have shortlisted you with some of the best. Before leaving, make sure that you plan accordingly to ensure that you can cover all the sites around. Given how much variety you get from there, the last thing you want is to skip any kind of shopping while shopping at Saputara.

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Frequently asked questions about shopping in Saputara

Q. What are some of the most important purchases in Saputara?

a. Saputara is known for its local arts and crafts. If you are someone who likes it, we would suggest you look at the options available there. Bamboo crafts and decorative pieces are the most commonly found items that people buy in Saputara.

Q. Are the items in Saputara reasonably priced?

a. One of the best things about shopping in Saputara is the fact that the items are all affordable and reasonably priced. There is nothing exaggerated or something for which you have to negotiate. Since the items are sold directly by manufacturers and artisans, they do not impose unnecessary fees.

Q. How should one work in Saputara?

a. You will not find rental cars in Saputara very easily and even if you do, they will charge unnecessarily. To avoid that, you should take advantage of the public buses that can take you.

Q. Are online payment facilities available at Saputara?

a. Yes, online payment facility is available in Saputara. Most shops and spot cards accept payment if it is something you are stuck with. ATMs are also available here, so that you can withdraw money if needed.

Q. Are housing options in Saputara good?

a. There are many hotels and resorts available in Saputara. If you are planning to go on a trip, you can either make a booking or book ahead of time through your online booking platforms.

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