Top 6 Things to gift your teenage daughter this Xmas

Top 6 Things to gift your teenage daughter this Xmas

Your daughter is the reflection of your youthful personality. Which may have been shadowed by the experiences you gained with age. As you have also been through the aspirations of the teen life, you understand her dreams in the best way. So, why not gift her something that makes your love for her. Even more evident and strengthens the bond of understanding?

Water purifier to ensure good health

Christmas, with its festivities, also brings the cold weather where a person is more prone to catch cold and cough, and water-borne diseases due to the weakened immune system. So, ensure your daughter’s good health this winter by getting home a high-quality water filter. Kent water purifiers use the latest technology, which not only purifies but also retains the essential minerals in the water. A water filter would be a perfect gift for your daughter, which she may not find valuable instantly, but will realizeits worth with every passing day. As this will help her enjoy good health strong immune system, no matter how harsh the weather is.

gift your teenage daughter

A coat to keep her warm

Your teenage daughter often avoids wearing enough warm clothes, as they don’t go well with her stylish avatar. As she is bored of her bomber jackets and knitted sweaters, why not gift her a classy overcoat this Christmas? This is one of those gifts which she would love to flaunt among her friends. The jacket need not be overly expensive, but of a good quality and in line with the latest trends.

A trendy shoulder bag

trendy shoulder bag

Your daughter often comes back home by forgetting her stuffs here and there. Well, she is not the one to be blamed completely for this carelessness. As the sling bag she often carries is too small to fit in all her stuffs with ease. Considering this, a shoulder bag would be an ideal gifting often for her this Xmas. The shoulder bag should be such that it helps your daughter step out in style. And with her stuffs kept in an organized manner.

A much-needed subscription for her favorite service

If you daughter loves the thrill of getting presents, gift her a year’s subscription to a favorite grooming service for throughout the year. A year of free service at her favorite gaming zone can also make her happy his Xmas.Such subscriptions will not only come to her good use throughout the year,butcan also save yourhard-earned money. As you may end up with a lucrative discount over a year-long subscription for the service you want for your daughter.

A pair of ugs or boots

A pair of boots is every girl’s desire. Your teenage daughter might have been attracted towards a pair of boots which she saw at a retail store in the nearby mall. So, why not gift her the same pair? Ankle-length or knee-length boots will not only complement her winter coats, but will also keep her snug and cosy when it’s chilly outside. Further, if you are planning a family trip to a snowy place this Xmas, then buy boots that can be worn easily on snow. As, you want to ensure complete safety of your daughter when she is having fun in the land of snow.

lugs or boots

Things to keep her favourite beverages hot for long

Here comes winters, and your daughter finds it hard to enjoy the hot beverages as they get cold in just a few minutes after being served. If cocoa milk is your daughter’s all-time favourite, then she can enjoy having it with the help of a thermal glass with lid. With a thermal glass, she can sit in the balcony for long and enjoy the nip in the air without worrying about the cocoa milk getting cold.

To stand true to the saying, ‘like mother, like daughter’, you can also get for yourself something similar to what you are buying for your daughter.This will further help you in strengthening the bond of love with your beloved princess.

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