14 Latest Top Beauty tips for men

Top Beauty tips for men

Tips clear is your new beauty destination where you will find the best and newest beauty makeup tips which will undoubtedly make you look beautiful and attractive. It’s one-stop place where you will find the best beauty makeup tricks which you can follow and give a new look to your existing avatar.

These tips will not only help you look beautiful but will also make you look younger than your age. You will start thinking that why you didn’t follow these tricks earlier. Better late than never, adapt these tricks and tips and get ready to steal that “WOW” look from your near and dear ones-

Top Beauty tips for men
Top Beauty tips for men

Cleaning –

Before applying makeup doesn’t forget to clean your face properly. Removing an ice cube on the face will leave a strong background for long lasting makeup.

Use the purest makeup-

Always use sheer makeup starting from the center of the face then blending to the tip of the nose then to nostrils and then to chin following cheek’s area which is ruddy.

Go for matte makeup-

Matte makeup will give subtle look to your facial skin and it will not make the skin look shiny, flat or unrealistic.

Don’t forget blush-on or bronzer-

Use blusher which suits your skin and don’t miss it while getting ready for some grand function. It will add warmth to the skin.

Use sheer foundation-

To provide smooth back ground for the makeup use sheer foundation.

Apart from these makeup techniques, you should not forget to follow 1, 2, 3 steps which will add on to your beauty. It should be added to your morning regimen. There are lots of people who give their wise advice for health and beauty but at tips clear we have collected the best information which will help every individual in grabbing the results they are expecting. It will help you achieve flawless and healthy skin.

Drink a big glass of water

Very first thing one should do, every morning, is to drink a big glass of water. This will hydrate your body after night long dehydration. Apart from hydration, a glass of water will help in flushing out the toxins from the body leaving your body and skin, healthy and diseases free. Drinking warm water with honey and lemon could be a wise choice.

After de hydration of body, go for an exercise, meditation or yoga. All these are great AM routines which should be followed on daily basis. This will undoubtedly boost your soul, body, and mind. Jogging, brisk walk, meditation, and breathing exercise will do wonders. Workouts will increase circulation of blood in the body hence boosting your immune system. Sweating will help in kicking out toxins from the body through sweat. This sweating wills no wonder provide you with beautiful glowing skin.


After your daily workouts go for a shower and thoroughly rinse your body. Bathing will re-energizes the skin. Then use antioxidant cream to safeguard the skin. Don’t forget to put sunscreen before putting on your makeup. Last but not the least, after following this beauty tips go for healthy breakfast with green tea before leaving your house for your workplace.

Men beauty tips

Everybody wants to look beautiful including men as well. It’s not like if they are not growing long hair and putting makeup, they don’t want to look attractive. Being a human being they are also infused with thoughts that they also grab few compliments from people around. Here are few men beauty tips and tricks which will help them look attractive and handsome irrespective of their age-

Cleansing your face-

It’s one of the daily routine parts which men should follow every day. If the word cleansing is making you look suspicious then don’t worry it’s just a fancy word for cleaning your face. On one thing you will agree with me that there is a lot of pollution and dust particles in the atmosphere and it all settles on the face laying back ground for pimples and unattractive looks. Washing face with soap won’t be a good idea at this point you just need to use any facial cleanser which completely cleans your face.


For that change in your skin, the next step is to exfoliate your skin. This will help in removing the dead skin and reveal the underneath skin. It’s just like sandpaper but less harsh than it. Like the sandpaper brings out smooth skin out of any harsh surface, exfoliation does the same with your skin. Moreover, it will remove the dirt which gets deposited in the pores and in addition it will soften hair follicles which will no wonder result in the less irritating shave.


It can create the difference in men’s skin in the same way as it does with women’s skin. In fact, men need to use more of moisturizer because they have to shave their skin and these results in removing excess oil from it. After shaving they apply alcohol-based aftershave which further dehydrates your skin and to tackle this you need moisturizer badly. It will keep your skin smooth and supple.


Apart from cleaning and moisturizing its eyes which should be looked after carefully while targeting men beauty. Like females, early signs of aging are visible around the eyes and it is the place which men neglect the most. Treat these early signs of aging at earliest. Remember to apply hydrating eye cream under and around your eyes before bedtime and after cleansing your face.


Lips are the focal point of any face, after eyes. Go back to your early childhood days and you will see that they were quite plump with no wrinkles and lines. Take good care of your lips to regain back that youthful look with exfoliating and lip balm which is to be applied and reapplied throughout the day.

Take Care Of Your Skin Easily With These Tips

These simple and effective tips will definitely help men grab healthy and handsome skin. Men sometimes think that beauty is for women but it’s not true, everybody has a right to look beautiful and attractive by taking good care of themselves and by applying makeup which makes them stand ahead of the crowd. While following clean regime men should add to these beauty tips

Beauty tips

  • If your skin is dry always choose cream based moisturizer.
  • For oily skin, look out for skin toner or choose special cosmetics which are specially made for oily skin.
  • If your skin is normal then go for a lotion that is neither oily nor lighter.
  • Sunscreen protection– Mostly men work in the field which makes them face the sun for the almost maximum time of the day. This makes their skin tan and prone to wrinkles and lines. Use good sunscreen before going out in the sun or use a moisturizer with SPF -30.
  • Regular cleaning– Men should not forget to clean their face and hand every time they return home from outside.
  • Body washes– Men skin is exposed to the sun most of the day time which tends to sweat a lot thus laying a strong foundation for breeding germs and bacteria. Washing body with good body wash would be a good idea which will help them stay fresh and energetic thus avoiding foul smell which may irritate people around them.

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