Top Female Cover Up Tattoos Ideas For Women (2020)

Cover up tattoos ideas for Women are very popular these days, they are very sexy and flirty and you will look great with them on your body. With all the great choices available today it’s easy to get the cover-up you want. They are great for work, school or at home.

There are so many other tattoo designs available today. So if you have any questions about your choice in the tattoo you can always ask someone at the tattoo parlor and they will help you out.

So how do you find a good tattoo artist that specializes in female tattoos? First, you should check out the tattoo parlor and see what kind of reputation they have. Are they licensed to do tattooing in your state? Does the parlor have any accreditations?

Top Female Cover Up Tattoos Ideas For Women (2020)

Cover up tattoo ideas

Cover up tattoo ideas

1. Covering this tattoo design can be easy, but trust me it will require a skilled hands to beautify this tattoo design.

2. Ask your tattoo artist to draw the outline around your unwanted tattoo first. You can help the artist by giving him a perfect tattoo design of his choice.

Female Coverup Tattoos

3. On the left, you can see a tattoo being wrong but on the right, you can see how beautifully the tattoo artist covered the ugliness of the original tattoo.

Female Coverup Tattoos

4. Color is the most important in a tattoo up design, so choose your color wisely.

Cover tattoo 3

5. Many tattoo artists are so talented that they not only cover failed tattoos, but also modify it to be part of a much larger and beautiful tattoo design.

Cover tattoo 4

6. Sometimes you don’t want to hide ugly tattoos on your body. In such cases, you have to choose a design where the latter tattoo looks better and attractive than the wrong tattoo.

Cover tattoo 5

7. As a tattoo artist I love tattoos because I can then make ugly tattoos like it turned out to be something beautiful like this.

Cover tattoo 6

8. An ugly tattoo with darker or darker colors is harder to recreate or cover, but with proper planning a good tattoo artist can design a beautiful cover tattoo over it.

Cover tattoo 7

9. So Walter got his name tattoo cover with a beautiful koi fish tattoo design. Personally I don’t think you should cover name tattoos.

Cover tattoo 9

10. This may seem as a work in progress tattoo but in fact it is a badly designed wolf tattoo which is later spectacularly covered with a majestic wolf tattoo. My favorite types are cover ups.

Cover tattoo 10

Blast on tattoo

11. I don’t understand the need to cover a small size tattoo with a large size tattoo, but if you come up with a beautiful design that way, then go with it.

Cover tattoo 11

12. I would call this rose tattoo design improved with better design. For many, the pictures on the left will also look attractive, but the beauty of this rose tattoo on the right side is improved.

Rose Coverup Tattoo

This tattoo is just amazing. Rose is the traditional symbol for love and there is nothing more beautiful than a rose-covered in flowers. The tattoo can be worn for both women and men and is a very beautiful choice.

Cover tattoo 12

13. So did the tattoo artist improve the beauty of this dolphin tattoo with a cover up or did the artist ruin the original tattoo?

Cover tattoo 13

14. This tattoo shows the need and beauty of a completely covered up tattoo. The artist created the ugly looking star tattoo into a stunning rose tattoo.

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Cover tattoo 14

15. In some cases I would not recommend you cover the tattoo, but instead I would suggest you to remove the tattoo with a laser.

Cover tattoo 15

16. Another beautiful example of how a tattoo up cover can change the look, feel and meaning of previous tattoo designs.

Cover up tattoo 16

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17. As I said first color is important in cover tattoo and it can give a new aspect to the original tattoo design.

Cover up tattoo 17

18. Sometimes the tattoo artist may not cover the entire tattoo design and in such cases you may need to get some bits or parts of the original tattoo removed from the laser.

Cover tattoo 18

19. Personally I think Moon Tattoo could have been improved with a better Dreamcatcher tattoo design, but still it is a good cover of tattoo.

Cover up tattoo 19

20. Tattoos are tattoos to cover the funniest tattoos as the artist is free to create any design.

Cover tattoo 20

Tattoo fucked

21. Tribal designs are best for covering tattoos and here is a good example of this.

Cover up tattoo 21

22. I never recommend head tattoos to my clients as it ruins facial beauty.

Sister Tattoo ideas Cute Henna Tattoos Designs

Biker Tattoos

Biker tattoo designs are very unique. Most of these tattoos are done with a tribal or military theme. Most biker designs are done in black and blue. This is a tattoo that can be a lot of fun and if you really like to travel a lot this is the best choice for you.

Cover tattoo 22

23. So the geometric symbols tattoo on the left was made into a beautiful rose tattoo on the right.

Cover tattoo 23

24. Black tattoos are difficult to cover because of the black color, so I would recommend using blue with it as it improves the design.

Cover up tattoo 24

25. The sun or solar flare tattoo on the left hand side feels good, but it is made epic by covering the panther tattoo.

Cover tattoo 25

26. In this cover up tattoo, the tattoo artist covered the birthmark on this girl’s hand with a beautiful tattoo design.

Cover tattoo 8

27. Again a simple musical tattoo design is improved to a good leaf tattoo design. The plant tattoo cover works better as a tattoo.

Cover tattoo 27

28. I don’t know why that person added a quote to the feather tattoo but the tattoo artist cleverly covered the tattoo design.

Cover up tattoo 28

29. We all write the names of our loved ones on our arms or chest and we often regret it. This is where a beautiful cover of tattoo design comes into play.

Cover tattoo 29

30. You can use white ink to change the design or to see another color design. Here is a beautiful example of such design.

Cover tattoo 30

Touching tattoo

31. If you have a smaller size tattoo design that you want to cover than choose another small tattoo design. Don’t go for it

Cover up tattoo 31

32. I always prefer a tattoo design that uses red because not only is this color attractive, but also meaningful.

Cover tattoo 32

33. The problem with back tattoos is that you don’t know if your tattoo looks good or not. Therefore you need a good cover up artist for back tattoo.

Cover up tattoo 33

34. It is boring to cover an ugly tattoo with the same design, but if you have decided to go for it, please add color to it.

Cover up tattoo 34

35. If I had been a tattoo artist here, I would have redesigned this tattoo as Samurai or PEKKA (from Clash of Clans game).

Cover tattoo 35

36. Some colors in the tattoo disappear over time so make sure you use a good color so that your cover does not go waste.

Cover up tattoo

37. The leaf falling in this flower tattoo carries a special meaning. You can also make unusual and unique cover of tattoo designs for yourself.

Cover up tattoo

38. Again I would say that you have to choose your tattoo color wisely or else you might need another tattoo to cover it.

Cover up tattoo

39. So this guy covered his butterfly tattoo design with a fake and temporary tattoo design. It works for short term but choose permanent tattoo for long term benefits.

Butterfly Tattoo

The butterflies are so beautiful and I think the ladies would just love to have a butterfly tattooed on their body. They are very beautiful butterflies that come in many colors and sizes. A butterfly is very feminine and beautiful. If you are a woman who is looking for a tattoo to express yourself then this is one choice you should consider.

Cover up tattoo

40. Here’s how a small size flower tattoo is covered with a large size flower tattoo.

Cover up tattoo

Wrist tattoo cover

41. The Indian Naga tattoo design in this picture is covered by a mythical Chinese snake tattoo.

Cover up old tattoo

42. This boy must have deeply regretted this angel tattoo design. Never go for a sad or depressing tattoo design.

Angel Tattoo Design

I am sure you already know about the angel tattoo but it is also very popular. This tattoo has become very popular due to its symbolism and is something that most women would want to get done. You might even think of a lot of angels when you think of this tattoo and why it’s so popular.

Cover up old tattoo

43. I would have preferred a dragon tattoo as a cover up here, but this raven tattoo looks good too.

Cover up old tattoo

44. This arrow tattoo design was beautifully covered with an eagle tattoo design, no need to add a silhouette.

Cover up old tattoo

45. Here again a poor choice of tattoo for cover. But a brilliant color chose to cover an ugly tattoo design.

Cover up old tattoo

46. ​​Although this cover up tattoo design looks beautiful, the blue color will soon fade and thus become useless.

Cover up old tattoo

Cover tattoo tape

Cover up old tattoo

47. Never add name initials to your tattoo design because you definitely want to cover them one day.

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Cover tattoo

Cover up old tattoo

48. If you look closely you will see two beetles in the Pragati tattoo. But in the final cover up tattoo design there is only one beetle.

49. I am amazed at the color choice of this beautiful cover up tattoo. It will go away but it is worth it.

dark cover up tattoo ideas female

womens cover up tattoos

chest cover up tattoos ideas for females

cover up tattoos on upper arm female

women’s tattoo cover up ideas

Cover up old tattoo

Cover up old tattoo

50. This girl made the right decision to enlarge her small flower cover up tattoo design.

Also take a look at their portfolio to see what kind of design you will get out of a female tattoo. It will make it easier to choose the right parlor for you if you know what you are looking for in your design.

When you are ready to choose a parlor ask them if they have any ideas on any designs that you might like. this can be a good idea to help narrow down your search. You want to make sure they are able to work with you and meet your needs.

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