Top Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Jaipur City

Top Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Jaipur City

If you would like to decide about any picnic and tour then you can pick Jaipur city, because it has more attractive and tourist spots. You can enjoy the whole day with your family members and friends. You can choose the family tour package to visit all places. The pink city is also referred the Jaipur city because it has pink walls as well as buildings of an old city. You can see a variety of tourist places, forts, ancient places, hotels along with elaborate architecture. If you choose the luxury hotels in Jaipur then, they will provide separate guidance to you and your family members. You can arrange that tourist package through the online also.

Jaipur City
Jaipur City

City Palace

You can visit more attractive city palace in Jaipur, before going to travel you have to pack your all necessary things. You should bring extra amount of money whenever you travel to another location. The Jaipur is a richest city in the India you can look many royal families in Jaipur and you can get the chance to know about their culture and behavior.

The enormous complexes of gardens, buildings, as well as courtyards blend both the Mughal and Rajasthan architecture. You can also visit a peacock gate which contains the alluring exhibit of thorough workmanship featuring brilliant peacock. In the present days a royal family is living in the charming Chandra Mahal that is also called as moon palace. You can visit city complex, art gallery, museum, and traditional Indian weapons. The entry cost of those all places has been just Rs 75 for Indians. In fact, you can stay in the 5 star hotels in Jaipur to have perfect accommodation.

Hawa Mahal

The elaborate and fascinating fascia of palace of wind is a probably Jaipur city’s most familiar building. The construction work was completed in the year of 1799 and the building has 5floors which contain a row of smaller screens and windows. Moreover, the upscale hotels in Jaipur has the perfect solution to make your stay in an effective manner. The wind is aid to pour through the opening and giving a fort its name.

The building or place is located on Center Street in the Jaipur city. The panoramic view may be hard from the top of a building. For that tourist spot the entry cost for foreigners is just 50 rupees only and for Indians, the entry cost is just 10 rupees. The visiting hour of the building is 9 AM to 4.30 pm daily.

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Amber Palace and Fort

The amber palace and fort is located in the center of the Jaipur city. It is a set on the mount apex overlooking lake of maota. The amber fort was an original house of the Rajput royalty. The Jaipur city contains a number of halls, gardens, temples, and breathtaking palaces. You can reach the entrance of fort by walking, awake the hill otherwise you can reach that palace by a jeep. The evening light show and sound will explain a fort’s history. It is very impressive one to stay with the 5 star hotels in Jaipur for a classy stay for everybody. You can get frequent buses that depart from a palace of winds to that fort. The entry cost for foreigners is Rs 200 and for Indians the entry cost is 25 rupees. You can select best 5 Star Hotels in Jaipur, we also suggest to know about the luxurious hotels under competitive prices.

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Galta Monkey

The Galta money is one of the famous visiting temples in a Jaipur city. Once you have visited that temple your mind will get more peace and relax. You can see a variety of painting or art and sculpture on the temple’s wall. It will explain the history of temple as well as Jaipur city. The Galta monkey is a part of the biggest temple complex that also contains 3 frightened pools of the water. You don’t worry about the entry cost to visit that temple because it is free for everyone in the world. You can visit the temple late afternoon and near sunset.

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