Top Reasons to Keep Refined Carbs Limited in Your Diet

Top Reasons to Keep Refined Carbs Limited in Your Diet

Keep Refined Carbs Limited : Opinions on health and nutrition seem to change every day. Look at any diet book on the shelf and each one will tell you a different fact about why a particular food is terrible for you. As a fitness conscious individual or a person just trying to lose weight, this can be extremely confusing. What are you supposed to do to get healthy and be happy with yourself? Nobody seems to know the right answer.

Refined Carbs

One consensus can be made amongst nutritionists and health experts around the world. That consensus is that sugar and simple carbs like white bread, corn syrup, pasta, and fruit juice are all bad for you, no matter how little or how often you eat them.

Carbs Jack Up Your Insulin Levels

For people who usually stick to a high fat and high protein diet, the reintroducing of carbohydrates into the body can be detrimental. In fact, the body is never the same once a high carb diet has been appropriated into a system.

A study was done on lab rats to monitor just this situation. The rats were fed a diet extremely high in sugar. Their bodies started producing high amounts of insulin to combat the sugar. Once the rats were removed from the diet, their glucose levels went back to normal, but not for long. After eating sugar for a couple days afterward, their bodies started reacting the same way again.

Too Much Sugar Increases Likelihood of Diabetes

The reason that so many people who are overweight suffer with diabetes is because they’ve had a diet that is so filled with simple carbs that translate to sugar in the body that their bodies physically can’t make enough insulin to combat it.

Though there are other factors besides sugar that decide who is going to have type 2 diabetes and who isn’t, a person who eats foods high in calories and simple carbs will have a higher chance of contracting the disease. It’s best to avoid sugary drinks as you’re not aware of the amount of sugar you’re in taking and the fact that it’s moving right into your bloodstream and is giving you no nutritional value.

Refined Carbs Diets

You’ll Get Hungry Faster

When you eat refined carbs, you’re essentially eating empty calories. Refined carbs have had all of their fiber and nutrition stripped away. When your body goes to digest, there is nothing in the food that your body can use, so the calories just get stored as fat.

To go along with this, when there is no fibre or nutritional value in the food you are eating, your body is not getting what it needs to feel full. You might feel full for a limited amount of time, but your body will move right through the simple carbs and you will want something else to eat a short time later, which only contributes to more calories and more fat.

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