Top Six Wine Destinations in the United States

Top Six Wine Destinations in the United States

Wines, no matter where you live, you always dream of the perfect destination for wine tasting. Whether that’s in the golden hills of Tuscany, Italy or the sweeping views of Brisbane, Australia, there are tons of destinations that are famous for their delicious wine and plump, ripe grapes.

Wine DestinationsBut you’re in luck! You no longer have to hop on a plane to find the best wine destinations in the world. They are in your own backyard! Here are the top six regions in the United States of America lauded for their wine selection.

Napa Valley, CA

Boasting more than 400 wineries throughout the region, Napa Valley is probably the most famous wine area in the country. It has extraordinary Cabs and legendary Chardonnays. But that’s not all you will find here. Napa Valley’s scenic spread also has tons of decadent restaurants for foodies and great golf courses for leisure lovers.


Hawaii isn’t really known for its wine. It’s more famous for its exotic white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and volcanos. But the islands also feature The Volcano Winery. Nestled on the lava-rich land near the popular Volcano National Park, the rich blends of grapes with locally d products, such as Macadamia Nut Honey, create some of the most richly tasting wines you will ever sip. Aloha!

Wine DestinationsFinger Lakes, NY

For you east coasters, look no further than upstate New York to get your ultimate wine fix. The Finger Lakes region has some of the best Rieslings in the country. Don’t want to leave your family behind? Not a problem! This family-centric area also has tons of fun activities for the kiddies, including hiking, swimming, kayaking, and horseback riding.

Walla Walla, WA

The name may sound funny, but the wineries in Walla Walla are no joke. Laying at the foot of the Blue Mountains, this area has some of the most amazing wine that you will ever have the pleasure of sampling. Try their Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Venture up to the rolling New England hills of Vermont and try out the state’s first winery, called Shelburne Vineyard.  It is hugged by the picturesque beaches of Lake Champlain and is a mere 30 minutes from the state’s bustling city of Burlington, where there is tons of shopping and dining options to explore.

Snake River Valley, ID

Thanks to its 1,500 to 3,000 foot altitudes, this region of ID is being compared to the Rioja area of Spain. It offers Riesling, Syrah, Bordeaux, and famous vineyards such as Cinder Winery, Ste. Chapelle, and more.

Wine DestinationsAs you can see, there are numerous wine locations all across the United States for you to visit.

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