Training at home: the right exercises and tools

Training at home: the right exercises and tools

In times of lockdown, instead of lying on the sofa, stuck at the desk and walking around the house, you can take advantage of a workout at home based on ad hoc exercises to restore tone to our body. It’s clear, it’s not like going in gym, you have to get by with what you have, but to improve the results you can order valid tools online device without spending a madness. On the market there are machines that do a good job, as long as you do the exercises with constancy. With the help of Elio Tascone, physical education teacher, athletic trainer and author of the text Self Training (Ed. Mondadori), let’s see how to keep fit with the right training at home.

right exercises and tools
right exercises and tools

The neuromuscular platform

It makes the fitness program less heavy and allows in 10 minutes to get the benefits of an hour of training. The vibrating platform is nothing more than a machine capable of producing a certain number of vibrations capable of acting on the fat mass of the body as well as strengthening muscle groups.

It is important, however, to remember that the vibrating platform can support normal muscle strengthening, but it does not replace it as strength is always present in neuromuscular qualities and the impulse of vibrations does not pass through our central nervous system.

Exercises can be performed on the neuromuscular platform isometric (without movement) o dynamic (with movement). During daily life and sports, we use our body and most of our muscles dynamically: for this reason dynamic exercises are more effective from a functional point of view (more similar to normal use muscles and movements).

Before starting any type of training, even on the platform, it is better to do bodyweight exercises, such as stretching, in order to warm up the muscles. The stretching always involves reaching the position until you feel the muscles extend, a position that will be held for 40-50 sec, without any movement of the body.

The vibrating platform VibroSlim 3D with yoga mat, elastische bands and remote control makes use of modern fitness technologies by combining 3 types of vibration and 4 programs that personalize the training. (

Bodi-Tek, Circulation Plus, electrostimulator for legs and feet, with 15 intensity levels. For a passive exercise of the lower limbs, an extra stimulus even during moments of relaxation. Its electrodes make you contract and relax repeatedly in muscles, in programs of 25 minutes. (

To tone your abs and eliminate bacon it is important to do some exercises targeted. Ideal the abdominals on the ground and the abdominals oblique, exercises that can also reduce the waistline. (Supine crossed left leg, right hand at the nape of the neck, lift the torso until the elbow of the right arm touches the knee of the left crossed leg.

Repeat the movement to 20 times then change arm and leg. All for 3 series). More help can come from EM37 abdominal belt from Beurer which stimulates the abdominal muscle, central and lateral, thanks to the four conductive carbon electrodes and the intensity that can be set according to your needs. You can also perform these exercises on the neuromuscular platform, on the market there are different types, for purchase ask for advice from an expert friend or from a personal trainers.

EM 37 abdominal belt from Beurer, stimulates the central and lateral abdominal muscles thanks to the four conductive carbon electrodes (resistant to wear) and the intensity that can be set flexibly, with 5 training programs from 22 to 31 minutes.

ABDOMINAL ISOMETRY: isometric exercises, contractions without movement, sitting on the footplate, legs stretched forward, not resting, arms on chest, keeping position and balance for 1 minute, repeat the exercise 4 times. Urges lower abdominals, backs, and pectorals.

Exercises for muscular legs

To have tonic legs are perfect squats (starting from an erect potion, legs slightly apart, shoulder width, flexion on the legs keeping the arms forward. Return to the standing position and repeat the movement to 15 times, for 3 series). And the lateral lunges (standing position legs well apart, arms forward, first bend one knee keeping the other leg stretched and vice versa for a total of 20 times. Urges the musculature of theinner thigh and tones the buttocks). To increase muscle stimulation the device High End- Em95 EMShone from Beurer, allows a complete workout, with 20 fitness & power programs and 3 adjustable speed levels.

High End- Em95 EMShone from Beurer, allows a complete workout, with 20 fitness & power programs and 3 adjustable speed levels. It offers numerous possibilities to define and plan the activity based on specific objectives, thanks to a personal virtual Coach.

THE IMPORTANCE OF LUNGS: one leg forward with respect to the other, flex the leg placed behind, until you touch the footboard with the knee, return to the initial position and repeat the movement to 15 times, then reverse the position of the legs. All for 4 series.

Cubii Jr Mini elliptical with monitor and 8 intensity levels, allows you to work on the hip flexors, the buttocks, the hamstrings, the quadriceps and the calves. Ergonomic design allows you to enjoy the benefits of a full-size elliptical trainer while sitting (

It is one of the first parts of the body to reveal the signs of aging. You should take care of them from a young age, but following targeted exercises you can improve the situation. A valid exercise is this: lying on the ground on your stomach, point your feet and then stand up with your palms on the ground under your shoulders. The moment you pull yourself up, stay in position for at least two seconds. If you are a beginner you can perform a “simplified” version of the exercise, which allows you to place your knees on the ground but carrying out the same movement with the arms. 10 reps for 3 sets.

Muscle Booster EM 22 from Beurer, thanks to EMS technology it is possible to train the abdomen, arms and legs in a targeted way. The package includes the EMS Sixpack Pads for application on the abdomen and the EMS Pads for arms and legs with an adjustable intensity on 15 different levels.

Other exercises can be combined with the use of the neuromuscular platform, having a combined effect of strengthening and muscle stimulation here are some examples: hands behind resting on the platform feet resting on the floor and legs flexed, perform some push-ups on the arms 10 times, for 3 series. Helps the muscles of the arms, of the shoulders and gods pectorals. To further tone the arms, weights can also be used, starting with those of 2 kg, or al Rover set composed of 2 kettlebells soft neoprene 2kg each.

Rovera, set consisting of 2 soft neoprene kettlebells of 2kg each. Easy to handle, they are useful during training because they work on the muscles, in particular on the abs, and on coordination. ( ****)

Exercises for the buttocks

When it comes to side B you think about that of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. Maybe it’s not all the result of mother nature, but to keep it tonic workout it helps. For the toning of the buttocks, the feet are placed on the footboard, body lying on the floor, lift the buttocks and back upwards, then return to the initial position. Repeat the movement for 4 serious. Tones buttocks, legs and back muscles. A valid device is Rovera Smile Gym, a multifunctional bench with elastic bands that can be used as a step, bench or platform to tone the muscles of the legs, arms, buttocks and abdominals in particular.

Rovera Smile Gym, a multifunctional bench with elastic bands that can be used as a step, bench or platform to tone the muscles of the legs, arms, buttocks and abdominals in particular. (

MG 10 Vibration Massage Ball from Beurer, small and easy to handle, it is able to regenerate the contracted parts of the muscle, dissolving fascial tensions and hardening before or after training.

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