Travel Photography Secrets with the Fantastic ZenFone 3

Travel Photography Secrets with the Fantastic ZenFone 3

When it comes to travel photography, it is the experience of escaping city life for the great outdoors. It is truly by escaping to the great outdoors and capturing moments that you can retrace your journey.

Rufus Reynolds and Dikshit Mundra, founders of Streets of India created a space for amateur and overlooked photographers to come into the limelight with Instagram. Reynolds explains that travel photography rekindles the curiosity within and fulfills the dreams of aspiring travelers.  Increasingly, users have moved away from DLSRs and prefer to carry slim and easy to use mobiles. But how does picture quality hold up?


About the Asus Zenfone 3, he explains, “This phone is one gadget that a Traveler like me would love to possess who is always on the go and the 4 Axis OIS helps me a lot to get me images that are crisp. The memory backup all pictures and the RAM enables me to toggle between multiple photo editing apps.”


In terms of the Mobile Camera and whether the Asus ZenFone 3 measures up, he adds, “Image stabilisation is a must which the Zenfone 3 has and the ability to control the camera on a manual mode. Slow Motion videos are a big yes for me if they work at a 240fps. Shooting on Low Light Mode, Panorama, Slow Motion, Long Exposure. the HDR Pro mode and the Manual Mode which is an icing on the cake.”



His favourite photography destinations are the Tea Gardens of Munnar and the Hills of Ladakh. Street and grunge photography drew Reynolds into the world of photography.


On the tips and tricks that he uncovered with the Asus ZenFone 3, Reynolds explains, “The best feature is that you can use the volume button to access the camera. Just have to press the volume button twice and it pop opens the camera without having to unlock the keypad or use the fingerprint sensor. This saves precious time and helps me capture moments that I wanted.”


Reynolds advice to beginner travel photographers is to allow the place to accept you first, blend in with the surroundings and then take photos.


Here are some stunners he took with the Asus ZenFone 3, find out more about the mobile here #ShotOnZenFone3






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