Typical house cleaning tools for Deep Cleaning

Typical house cleaning tools for Deep Cleaning

Typical house cleaning uses typical tools and equipment. You have your sponges, mops, rags, soaps, and detergents. But every once in awhile you’re going to feel the urge to take on a deep cleaning project. And that’s going to take some more specialized stuff.

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So when you get that itch next to take on the dirt that typical dusting and sweeping isn’t going to take care of. Look for steam mops, carpet cleaners, power washers, vacuum attachments. And even buffers to take you to the next level of deep down sanitation!

Steam Mops

When you purchase a steam mop, you’re getting several levels of deep clean going. Chances are that wood or tile floors in the kitchen are going to get hit, as well as floors in bathrooms. Anything like food or mildew that hangs out in those areas is going to get steamed and lifted right up. Leaving a germ-free and shiny area for your family to be in again. Steam mops, in particular, are going to outdo normal mops. And brooms any day in terms of getting out hard to reach and scrub stains.

Carpet Cleaners

Official carpet cleaners are an occasional requirement to get the rest of the gunk out of your living room rug. If you have pets, then you know all that hair and dander has to go somewhere. If you have kids, you know all of the things that have been spilled. And those things aren’t going to come up without the power of a carpet cleaner. So whether you have to buy or rent, this is definitely a deep clean necessity to take care of maybe every six months or so.

Power Washers

You may need to rent a power washer in order to get the gunk off of the outside of your house as well. Environmental dirt on walls and outside windows may go unnoticed because the change can be gradual, but when you do that outside deep cleaning you’ll see just how much has collected over time!

Vacuum Attachments

If your vacuum came with special attachments for getting to hard to reach places. Now is the time to get those suckers out. They are probably going to be brushes and hose attachments. So that you can do things like getting the dirt in corners or in heat registers.


And if you have shiny floors or even shiny decorations around your home. A good buff every once in a while will do wonders. There are big buffers for things like floors, and then there are small buffers (like a Dremel, for instance) that can do all of your detailed work in a jiffy. After you finish your deep clean, you’ll appreciate the shine of it all.

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