Can an underactive thyroid cause weight gain?

Can an underactive thyroid cause weight gain?

Underactive thyroid: Thyroid is a common problem which is spreading amongst the people these days. Though many reasons facilitate the problem if you have a history of thyroid, then you are at risk. The thyroid also constitutes the main reasons for gaining weight. If you are experiencing revved up, often sweaty, weight gain, chill or anxious it’s entirely possible that thyroid gland is playing with your health. It’s better to go for right medicines before the condition gets worst.

underactive thyroid
underactive thyroid

Causes can cause thyroid problems weight gain

The thyroid is very much responsible for gaining weighty and sometimes it is blamed for losing weight. In both, the conditions one need to stay alert and start-up with regular medicines. The hormones behinds this gland is directly associated with the metabolism of the body. It helps in regulating calorie consumption wherever healthy thyroid facilitates proper functioning of other organs and harmonies like adrenal, reproductive and neurotransmitter.

Does thyroid cause weight gain?

Patients those who have underactive thyroid usually have a low basal metabolic rate which is responsible for weight gain and the major problem with this weight gain is that it’s hard to reduce the weight gained due to thyroid. In a rare cases women do not gain weight because of hypothyroidism, but the individual biochemistry does affect the body depending on the quality of calories consumed and their way of using those calories. For effective weight reduction plan, you need to understand the complete metabolism of the body and not the whole blame should be given to thyroid. People suffering from this problem need to put a check on the food they need. For your referral go through this underactive thyroid diet along with proper medication that can help you restrict your weight gain

  • Iodine – this is the primary cause of enhancing the problem so Iodine fatty food should be included in the diet. Potatoes, eggs, iodized salt are some excellent s of Iodine along with seafood as these water animals maintain rich iodine level in their body because of concentrated sea water.
  • Selenium-rich foods– This includes mushrooms, meat, fish, Brazil nuts, etc.
  • Vegetables– vegetables belonging to Cruciferae family that includes sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. this Cruciferae diet is only helpful if your iodine levels are not low.
  • Gluten-free diet– this very much depends upon the medical history of the person and his dietary preferences.

There are particular underactive thyroid symptoms listed below

  • Weight gain– It is the usual signs that elevate thyroid disorder. Weight gain is due to low levels of thyroid hormones.
  • Depression– Hyperthyroidism directly affects the moods and makes people feel depressed and tired. It may result in sleep disorder and restlessness.
  • Weakness– It may make you feel weak, and you may not want to work enthusiastically.
  • Muscles cramp– Some people may complain the problem of muscles hamper in their body.
  • Sensitivity to cold– It also can disrupt the body control functioning. People with thyroid problem may feel too cold. Some may complain of excessive sweating and dislike for heat.
  • Swelling in the neck– A swelling in the neck is the clear indication of the fact that there is something wrong with the thyroid.
  • Heartbeat changes– Thyroid not only affects the neck glands but also touch the heartbeat. It may elevate the heartbeat thus shooting up the blood pressure and may lead to palpitations.
  • Hair loss– Hair loss is another indication stating imbalance thyroid hormones. Though once the treatment is done hair fall grow back again.
  • Constipation
  • Muscles ache
  • Brittle and dry nails
  • Irregular periods
  • Diarrhea
  • Vision problem

Overactive thyroid and weight gain

Many reasons are responsible for weight gain or loss but if the person is suffering from unexplained weight loss especially when he has a proper diet, and then it’s certainly a case of Hyperthyroidism. In such case, the body burns extra calories without being used by the body. This may result in thinning of the bones, irregular heartbeat or in some cases; it may result in even death.

Hypothyroidism weight gain stomach

Weight gain around belly may be a cause of some serious health problem. Usually, body’s vital organs are at belly region, and fat accumulation around it hinders the working of the internal organs. Widening belly may occur due to thyroid or decreasing level of estrogen if the women are in her post the menstrual period.

Weight loss after treating hypothyroidism

In some cases, weight is lost due to unknown reasons. When a person is eating his regular meals, but he is still losing the weight it could be the case of the thyroid. In this case, the body burns more calories even if the person is not doing any workouts. A proper medication in this regard will help stabilize the thyroid and maintain the balance of the body weight.

Thyroid weight gain solutions

Gaining weight is a common problem that is associated with the thyroid. It’s not hard to lose weight efficiently handle your load after detecting thyroid by minimizing calories and exercise. Do your activities daily and regularly. Keep the following point in mind

Least bother about reducing calories

Keep a check on the food that you consume. Keep sugar and refinery food products out of your plate. These foods only increase the weight of the body.

Regular workouts

If you wish to lose weight than regular exercise is a must. For effective results exercise vigorously at least for 30 minutes. This should include mild to moderate cardio exercise 3-5 times every week. Your exercise regime should be a combination of stretching, weight lifting, aerobics, and yoga. Patients with hyperthyroid should carefully perform these exercise under observation of an expert. Slowly and gradually increase your workouts for better results and pay attention to other areas of your health. Following a regular walk is another plus point that will help you in hyperthyroidism. Take sufficient sleep and follow a disciplined lifestyle. This will affect your health overall and keep a check on your weight gain.

Check out for any other hormonal imbalance

In the body, there may be any other hormonal imbalance which may be elevating hair gain problem. Check out on it and act accordingly. Some organizations are estrogen dominance or insulin resistance. In both the cases, it becomes difficult to lose weight. Check out if you are suffering from any hormonal imbalance. The irony of this imbalance is that it is easy to correct them, but it takes time to rectify them completely.

So despite regular exercise and calorie restriction if you are not able to control your weight then pay particular attention to the diet. Sometimes it happens that when you restrict your food plate, you start experiencing crave for that particular food. So the right approach is to experience the stomach that gives fullness feeling. Eat whole foods and minimize processed diet along with regular exercises. This will also help in tackling hormonal imbalance issue. Healthy eating habits will also minimize the risk of insulin resistance. Along with healthy and correct dietary approach make sure to detoxify your body. These small steps go along way while handling weight gain problem during hyperthyroidism.


In short weight gain during hyperthyroidism is a challenge but can be efficiently handled with correct exercise and food products. The core lies in the fact that you know the reasons for elevation and then dually targeting them, i.e., exercise and diet. Reducing weight is not easy and short period, it will take time to reduce the burden. Never lose hope and continue with your workouts, medicines and exercises. You will cut weight, keep your spirits high and regular in whatever you do. Be it a simple walk, cardiovascular conditioning or aerobics don’t give up anything if you are not able to see positive results at an earlier stage. Give some time to your faith and routine to help you out with this problem. Regularity will help you shed extra pounds. Be optimistic and regular.

Following natural cures could prove more beneficial and try to eat the following food

  • Cow’s milk
  • Eggs
  • Low fat ice cream
  • Saltwater fish
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Low-fat cheese.
  • shellfish


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