Unique Airbnb worth traveling for in the next year

Unique Airbnb worth traveling for in the next year

From boutique apartments in the center of Paris to unique hidden oases and even rooms for rent. Airbnb has fast become one of the world’s leading accommodation providers. Founded in 2008, Airbnb provides guests with houses, apartments, and rooms all over the globe. Through hosts every day looking to make a bit of extra cash.

It’s not every day that you can stay in an eco-bamboo home in the middle of Bali. An airship in the Scottish Highlands or a bubble dome underneath the stars in the UK. Need some inspiration for an unusual experience to add to your 2019 bucket list. Airbnb has some incredible rentals for 2019. Ignite your passion for adventure with a glimpse at some of the properties taking the travel world by storm this year.

Unique Airbnb worth traveling
Unique Airbnb worth traveling

Here are unique Airbnb worth traveling for in the next year.


If you are looking to enter paradise and switch off from society, then head to one of these Airbnb California countrysides.

Tile House, Twenty-nine Palms:

This is not your typical house, neither Airbnb listing. Located in Twenty-nine Palms in the outskirts of California is a Tile House or one can call it a place of magic? It is a place where you can be at peace with yourself utterly secluded from the world around you and also where you can unwind and leave with a completely refreshed mind. Tile house, however, a highly unique place is and may not be for everyone. One thing is for sure though and that it will feel like a whole different world as soon as you step through that door.

Tile House Twentynine Palms
Tile House Twentynine Palms

Cabin in Idyll wild Pine Cove is a short walk into the town, but complete isolation at the same time. This cabin is Idyll near the creek that allows you to escape into the woods. It is a perfect place to spend a few days with a loved one to rekindle the fire or celebrate an event for some time. Enjoy sitting on the front porch and sip on a hot chocolate while listening to the sounds of the wildlife and the stream which runs through the property.

Ginger Bread House:

This uniquely constructed cob Ginger Bread House is decorated with stained glass windows with LED lights inside the glass. Don’t miss the outdoor shower and animal sanctuary nearby. Great if you want to glam in the middle of the forest.

Tiny Tower Retreat at Carmel Valley is idyllic for getting away from the noise and crowds. Don’t miss the sweeping views of beautiful rolling hills and perfect weather throughout the year at this tiny tower retreat. It gives you privacy, quirkiness, and Instagram appeal. On waking up, you will feel refreshed and find yourself smiling as you peek out of your tiny tower retreat onto your temporary kingdom.

Ginger Bread House
Ginger Bread House

Dragonfly Kaleidoscope Dome is right next to the famous Joshua tree Park. This high dome is filled with color and magic. You can see the stars at night glamping at its finest through the triangle skylights that complement this lovely desert escape. Surrounded by trails and stunning boulders, find yourself becoming one with the universe and get a good night sleep in this unique colorful home.

American River Cabin, White Hall:

Located conveniently 45 minutes to Lake Tahoe. You can make the American River Cabin your privacy. This cabin set among the pines feels welcoming and cozy and is perfect for summer and winter. If you prefer craving it up on the snow, then this cabin is only a 20 minutes drive to the nearest ski resort.

Sexy Airbnb Rental: if you’re looking for a quirky, romantic or breathtakingly beautiful spot to book that’s guaranteed to get you laid. Then there are some places:

Private Fijian Island:

The listing says that the two Fijian style homes on Nanuka Island can accommodate ten people, but we’d recommend leaving the family and friends at home. No Wi-Fi, no television, and no air conditioning. Just you that special someone and a 10-acre island full of coconut trees, blue waters, and unbelievable views.

Airplane Suite in the Netherlands:

Join the mile high club without ever having to go through security or leave the ground. The entire plane is converted into a luxury suite with a Jacuzzi, infrared sauna, free Wi-Fi, and a mini bar. Oh yeah, and there is no restriction on the amount of liquid that you can pack in your carry on.

Alabama is located two miles from downtown Mobile in Alabama. This inviting flat is nestled among the treetops in the heart of the Midtown Historic District. The bright sunny space has a glass wall that brings the outdoors in and offers splendid views of sunrises, sunsets, and starry night skies.


A condo on Bethany Beach: If you’re looking for the ultimate beach retreat, this Bethany Beach condo for two might be of your interest. Located in a resort community, amenities like tennis courts, pools, and shuttle service to and from the beach are all available for your use.


A dreamy tropical tree house in Fern Forest. If you never thought you could survive to live in the jungle, take a look at this luxe listing. The structure is deceiving rugged from the outside, but once you enter, gold wallpaper and a bamboo chandelier add some opulence. Below a hanging bed suspends above local flora making for the perfect midday snooze spot for two. And when you’re ready to venture into the jungle, Volcanoes national park is just ten miles away.

Modern Boho Cottages at Tivoli New York:

The Modern Boho home is a cozy den perfect for small families or couples. Warm up by the fire, read in the hammock and soak in the deep tub under the skylights. Roast marshmallows at the fire pit or walk to Tivoli for drinks and farm to table meals.

Romantic cabana with a view, Armenia Colombo:

This private bamboo cabana is located in the Andean mountains of Colombia. It’s an excellent place to commune with nature, listen to the songs of the birds, relax and restore the inner balance. Cabana is situated on a small organic farm where flowers, aloe vera, trees, and tropical fruits are grown. Being there you can make a road through the bamboo forest to reach a small waterfall and a mountain stream. Since cabana is located in a coffee region, you can take a lot of coffee region tours.

Cliffside Waterfront Retreat Sta. Cruz La Laguna Guatemala:

The place where water and mountains meet is one of the most powerful spots on Earth. You can get this mix if you decide to choose this outstanding Airbnb in Guatemala. This house has a panoramic view. So you can sit in a dining room and look at three volcanoes and a lake. The area where this Cliffside retreat is situated you can relax and enjoy life. It is a perfect place for groups of friends, families, and couples.

Treehouse canopy room Florida USA:

This list wouldn’t be complete without a tree house. Located in Florida, United States, this spectacular construction is bound to attract those who still dream about living in a tree hideout which no one can reach. A private canopy room that you can get will make your dreams come true. One spectacular thing about this tree house is that it’s located only 15 minutes from the airport. You can be called a true urban oasis. It has a farm, and you can request honey, eggs, and veggies from the host.

Not only does a great Airbnb location feel more like home, but many hosts around the world have developed unique spaces with creative and stunning interiors that rival many boutique hotel accommodations.

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