The Unique Marriage of Oscars and Movies in Hollywood

The Unique Marriage of Oscars and Movies in Hollywood

Oscars and Movies
Oscars and Movies

Every year, millions of viewers across the globe are glued to their televisions come one February night for a glamorous event. This event determines which movies have made an impact in the cinema world in terms of creativity and uniqueness.

The Academy Awards now known as The Oscars form the climax of every movie in the eyes of movie buffs. However, there is a lot that goes around these awards. In reviews during the Oscar evenings on online streaming networks you get to learn a lot.

Background of the Oscars

This annual American Awards ceremony dates back to 1929 and in that event 15 categories in film making were honored. Since then, many more categories have been added but the popular Oscar statuette made of gold plated britannium has been an ever-present feature.

The award ceremonies over the years have been held in magnificent venues such as the Pantages Theatre before getting a permanent home at the Dolby Theatre. While the elegance and glamor associated with these awards is renowned worldwide, many side-issues have emerged over the effects of the awards on cinematography.

Pertinent Issues on Oscars and Movies

To be fair, the Oscars provide the best platform to award creativity in movie filming and acting. However, issues always emerge in such a globally influential award ceremony and some of these include:

  • Nomination impact on movies: Most movies that are nominated for the Oscars remain in theatres for twice as long as those not nominated. In essence for your movie to break even and make money you have to move heaven and earth to make sure it is nominated.
  • Release date and nomination chances: A casual glance at release dates for movies going back to 2000 reveals that those released between October and December are more likely to win. In essence 77% of winners from 2000 to 2012 were released 3 months to the Oscars. A report on Huffington Postreveals that out of the nine nominees in 2013, each was released between October and December.
  • Oscars’ impact on stars’ careers: There is an eerie happening around most stars who win these awards. Instead of having their careers blossom they disappear into oblivion or to other movies that are not even worth nominating. You just need to look at Nicolas Cage and Halle Berry to prove that this theory might after be all true.
  • Impact of Oscar season marketing: If a movie does not have the budget to market itself enough it is highly likely that the complicated system of voting will never get to hear about it. In essence, critics claim that many films that are worth nomination to the Oscars never meet the eye of academy voters.

These are just some of the correlation between the Oscars and the Movies. As a movie buff, this information helps you to understand that your favorite movies should not only be those that are nominated. It is obvious that a lot more goes into selection of a movie than just how good it is.


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