4 Unique Piercing Ideas for National Piercing Day

Unique Piercing Ideas for National Piercing Day: Do you love piercings? The greatest fun when piercing is to develop new, unique piercing ideas and jewelry combinations. With the National Piercing Day on May 16, 2019, we have put together a guide to help you decide which unique piercings you want to plan.

Four unique piercing ideas for National Piercing Day, May 16 - Almost famous piercing
Unique Piercing Ideas for National Piercing Day

There are practically no limits to how creative you can get. As a result, choosing your next piercing offers the opportunity to use your imagination to the fullest. The world of piercing is full of unique piercing ideas and styles, so you can embark on a piercing journey that suits your style and personality. Getting a new piercing is an important decision. So take your time to consider your options before taking the plunge.

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If you’ve been looking for pervasive ideas that go beyond the traditional, here are some styles that may inspire you:

Medusa piercingMedusa piercing

The medusa piercing, also known as philtrum piercing, is a statement style that is bold yet attractive. This piercing is located directly above the cupid arch of your upper lip and can be daring or simple depending on the jewelry you wear. If you’re looking for a unique twist on classic lip piercing, a Philtrum piercing may be the perfect solution for you. Pain is not a big issue with this piercing – most people say it’s a quick pinch that is comparable to any other facial piercing.

Septum piercingSeptum piercing

A septum piercing is a perfect balance between classic and unique and offers a great middle ground to many body piercing fans. This style runs through the nasal septum, which is the part of the skin or “wall” that separates the left and right nostrils. Many people choose variations of horseshoes or hoops for their septum piercing and adjust color and details for added fun. If you are concerned about the pain of a septum piercing, there is good news – the unique placement of this piercing actually falls into the so-called “sweet spot” in front of a cartilage, and most customers say that they hardly felt the piercing Be finished!

Daith piercingDaith piercing

One of the most popular places on the body where piercings can be added is the ears, and there is no shortage of options to give this classic placement a unique touch. Daith piercing goes through the innermost cartilage of your ear, which is called the crus of the helix. Daith piercings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and customers have been trying to find out if they help alleviate migraines. Customers also love the fact that there are so many jewelry options for Daith piercing. First, we do the piercing with either a hoop, a horseshoe, or a curved barbell that still offers a wide range of colors, gems, and metallic colors. After the piercing has healed, however, the fun really happens. Then there are no limits to the creativity that you can put in your jewelry.

Tower piercingTower piercing

Another creative variant of ear piercing is tower piercing, which is placed in a place called the antihelix of the ear. Tower piercings can be a stylish addition to a collection of ear piercings, so you can combine jewelry for a completely unique look. Most people set the pain level of the tower piercings to an average value in relation to cartilage piercings.

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