Use a Microwave With Silicone Bowl

Use a Microwave With Silicone Bowl

A microwave with silicone bowl is often a very useful appliance. While the price can be a bit steep, you are sure to find a quality product at a fair price, which means you can afford it, and yet still get great benefits from your microwave.

First, let’s need to look at what exactly a microwave with silicone bowl does. First off, the shape of the dish helps to heat food faster than a normal bowl would. Because it has few gaps, the air doesn’t have time to get into the bowl and spread the heat over more surface area, which is the case when you use a bowl alone.

Microwave With Silicone Bowl
Microwave With Silicone Bowl

This means you will heat food faster, resulting in less cooking time and having better results in your own cooking. When using this type of bowl, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which side to put the food on when it’s done.

This is especially the case if the item you’re cooking is larger. When there is more surface area that needs to be heated, it can also help to keep the cooking item off the heat when you’re trying to eat, rather than burning your mouth or inhaling all the smoke of cooking food.

As you probably know, microwaves these days can be quite expensive. If you can make it to save money on the cost of having one installed, this can be a big advantage in terms of convenience and cost. A microwave with silicone bowl can easily save you money in so many ways.

Of course, a large freezer can also be a bigger hassle than ever before, because if you have a small item to freeze, you might end up bending down to pick up frozen food and smothering it. With a microwave with silicone bowl, however, you can use the handle of the appliance to easily transfer the item straight into the bowl, without bending. You can also use it as a bowl for food items you may not have room for in your fridge. Even while you are shopping for groceries, you can pull out your microwave with silicone bowl, and just dip everything straight into the bowl.

You’ll have much less of a mess on the counter top, since it won’t take up much space and you’ll save space for the other things you need to buy. In fact, this type of microwave can help you stay cleaner because it can help clean up any spilled food, without having to clean up the entire contents of the bowl or the dishes.

Using the microwave with silicone bowl isn’t going to take much time. The time you spend cooking an item in this appliance is really just shorter than a normal cook time, and you won’t even need to use a lot of energy to do it.

If you’re living in a home with limited space or just don’t have a lot of room in your own refrigerator, then this is a real benefit. Since it is such a useful item, there is also a sleek style to it.

Many people choose to get one of these as a first kitchen appliance. Even if you have to pay a little more for it, you can be sure that you’ll be able to benefit from the convenience and reliability of the microwave with silicone bowl.

This is a microwave that will work perfectly for you in your home, whether you’re a frequent user or not. If you love the look of the microwave, but you don’t necessarily like to cook with it, you can use it to cut down on the need to have one of these devices.

Make cheap, delicious popcorn in the microwave with silicone bowl

I’m a fool for disposable kitchen appliances. Just look in my cupboards and see a huge wasteland of pizza maker, risotto maker, blender with ice tip (don’t even ask) and more. But a cheap little device is the smartest purchase I’ve ever made: Colonel Popper is a silicone bowl that is used to make perfectly popped popcorn in your microwave. I paid $ 25 for mine, but now you can get a red one Colonel Popper for $ 18 (other colors are a little more expensive).

Here’s how it works: Pour a little oil into the base and add a scoop of popcorn kernels (a quarter cup is enough for two servings). Add a pinch of salt if you tend to do so, slide the silicone lid on and destroy it for a few minutes. Stop it when you hear the popping slow. (If you’ve ever made popcorn, you can find out this part – it’s not rocket science.) Take it out of the microwave and eat; You can serve it in the same bowl you put it in so fewer things need to be cleaned.

And here’s what’s cool: it works amazingly well. The lid forms a tight seal that traps the steam as the popcorn warms up, making the kernels airy in the microwave. At least I think that’s what happens. I have a degree in aerospace engineering (really!), Not in food science. In my experience, Colonel Popper bursts most kernels, and those that don’t burst can be added to the next batch and tried again. The bowl and lid are dishwasher safe, and the bowl can be folded flat for storage so there is practically no space in your closet.

It is also inexpensive. In the grocery store, a typical six-pack box of popcorn in the microwave costs about $ 1 per serving for two. But a big bag of popcorn kernels gets you half of it. The popper pays off in a month or two (depending on how much corn you pop). And the popper gives you control over the portion size – you can pop a bowl for one without wasting kernels.

I know that there are cheaper silicone popcorn pop bowls on Amazon, and with the naked eye they look practically indistinguishable from Colonel Popper. But I’ve spent time reading user reviews, and many of the other bowls seem to be suffering from a variety of problems. Colonel Popper, on the other hand, has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, and I can assure you that I have used this Popper for a year and have never had a bad batch of popcorn.

If you live in self quarantine, at least do so with high quality popcorn.

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