Use the Old Navy Promo Codes Today To Save Money

Use the Old Navy Promo Codes Today To Save Money

Old Navy stores in Canada are a great place to find clothing for all ages, size and sex since they offer you a great range of coupons and promo codes to help you shop for more at less. In other words, if you are looking for ways that you will save while at the same time buying the exact quality of product that you want, then Old Navy is what you want. This is the reason why the quality of products is never compromised – you will get high quality products at affordable prices. Also, the best thing about Old Navy is the fact that you can place your order online from wherever you are.

CouponBelow are some of the Old Navy promo codes 2015 offers:

You can receive the offer of getting a 20% discount on any item(s) you purchase on the Old Navy website. This is achieved by signing up at Old Navy and making sure that you activate your coupon using the promo code.

Another promo code activates an offer that allows you to attain up to 77% off any ladies’ apparel. Remember to note that terms and conditions to this offer may apply. In addition, this offer can come with the service of free shipments and that is only if you purchase ladies’ apparel worth more than $50.

You can receive a promo code which gives you the deal whereby you enjoy a discount of 10% on the item(s) purchased as long as you make your purchase using the Store Card.

Sportswear fanatics are not left out in these deals; you can save up to 40% off active sportswear of your choice.

Remember that these deals are offered at different periods so make sure that the offer or Old Navy promo code that you want to use has not expired, but remember that Old Navy is great at making their products affordable for everyone so there is always a chance that you will always get a valid offer.

How to use Old Navy online promo codes

If it’s a GET CODE offer:

  • First get the deal you want with respect to your item(s) of choice.
  • Once it pops up in your screen, copy it and then using the Shop Now, go to the Old Navy website.
  • Select your item of choice that matches your promo code.
  • Using the PROMO CODE box given, use the promo code you had copied and paste it in here.

And if it’s an ACTIVATE kind of offer:

  • Redeem it by clicking on ACTIVATE.
  • Like the GET CODE offer process, a pop-up will appear and hence use this to open the website.

After doing that, you can go ahead and add all the items that qualify for this offer.

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