Valuable Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Health

Valuable Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Health

Maintaining proper oral care is one of the most significant things which you can get for your gums and teeth. Healthy teeth not just allow you to feel and look good, rather they make it easier to speak and eat properly. Good oral health is essential for the overall wellness. Good oral care results in a mouth which smells and looks healthy. This refers that

  • You have a clean teeth and it is free of debris
  • The problem of bad breathe does not exist.
  • Gums are pink and not bleed or hurt while flossing or brushing

Daily preventive care, involving proper flossing and brushing, will aid prevent issues before they further develop and it is much more worrisome, expensive and less painful than treating the conditions which have been allowed to develop. Your smile is based on following simple oral care habits like flossing and brushing.

Good Oral Health
Good Oral Health

Oral health starts with clean teeth. Looking after the region where the teeth meet gums clean could prevent the occurrence of gum disease, while keeping the surfaces of tooth clean can aid in staving off your cavities. You can consider the following basics on brushing and flossing to maintain your oral care hygienically.

Brushing and Flushing, the Most Required For Good Oral Health

Flossing and Brushing is a suitable choice for maintaining effective dental health. The oral health starts with hygienic teeth. You need to follow some important guidelines to make your brushing the effective one for your oral health. They are,

  • You need to brush twice a day. At the time of brushing don’t rush. Take enough time to brush as rush brushing will never give effective result to attain a good dental health.
  • The next thing you need to consider is the brushing equipment. There are lot of brushing tooth pastes and toothbrushes are available in the market. Choosing the soft bristled tooth type toothbrush for fluoride toothpaste is preferable choice as it gives effective oral health.
  • Employ proper technique to perform brushing. You have to hold your brush in the sight angle which is against teeth. Brush with the petite back and the forth motion. Brush inside of gap between teeth and the chewing surface is very important and brushing the tongue is required to improve oral health.
  • You need to avoid harsh as well as vigorous brushing as it will be irritating.
  • The most important thing you need to know is when to replace your tooth brush. Replacing tooth brush for each and every three month is always preferable.


You can’t reach the stretched spaces of your teeth and below your teeth gum line by using tooth brush. So regular flossing is very important to achieve a good oral health. You need to consider some factor while flossing and they are,


  • Don’t skimp.Smash off dental floss of around 18 inches. Wind the majority of the floss in and around the center finger on a hand, the rest is around the other hand centre finger.
  • Take single tooth for one time.You have to utilize your thumbs as well as forefingers to smoothly pull floss as of the gum line to the upper portion of your tooth to rub off plaque.
  • If you have trouble for getting floss then you have to use different type of floss method to make your oral health as effective.


Useful Tips to Look After Your Temporary Dental Crown from Fall Off

Dental crowns are made from porcelain, ceramic and offer wide coverage of an affected tooth. Crowns offer the best complete security for tooth which is prone to cracking or breaking. Based on its type, permanent or temporary, with good dental care, a dental crown can be able to lost long for prolonged years. If you are seeking for ways to protect your temporary dental crown from getting fractured or chipped or dislodged, you must avoid eating crunchy and sticky foods. Here are few other tips that guide you to look after this dental restorative material.

Avoid crunchy and hard foods:

While fitted with temporary dental crown, it is impossible to eat whatever that you like. You should be choosy about selecting which foods to eat; especially you must be away from eating hard foods. By this way, you can ensure that your temporary dental crown does not get loose or come off.

Eliminate sticky foods

Sticky foods are also harmful to temporary dental crown as it may also dislodge the restoration. The crown may get loosened with the stickiness of these foods, which eventually may fall off

Avoid grinding or clenching teeth:

Clenching or grinding teeth can also destabilize the crown. The pressure that is exerted from teeth grinding is sufficient enough to break the crown. The fillings and dental crowns are liable to get fractured in extreme conditions of bruxism.

Have a gentle brush:

Though brushing is essential, you must be sure about not exerting much pressure to the dental crown. You have to brush using soft hands to clear gently the surrounding areas of dental crown. Brushing with excessive pressure definitely tends to displace the dental restorative material. There are also specially made brush designed exclusively for temporary dental crown available that can be obtained from the suggestion of dentist and using which the oral hygiene can be maintained.

Change the flossing technique:

You have to change the way you employ for flossing to keep intact the dental crown. So, while flossing, be sure you shift the thread between teeth alone. Don’t shift up the thread and apply excessive pressure over tooth during flossing. You can know about this kind of special flossing technique by consulting the dentist.

Stop nail biting:

Unless you stop biting nails, your dental crown is sure to fall off much sooner. It is habitual that we often used to open the plastic packets using our teeth to tear it. You must be away from this kind of practice as long as you are using dental crown.

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